Why Effective Messaging Benefits B2B Marketing and Sales Strategies, with Jonathan Franchell, CEO of Ironpaper

Jonathan Franchell is the CEO of Ironpaper, a New York-based B2B growth agency that works on both the marketing and sales side of the buyer’s journey. In the latest episode of our podcast, we spoke with him about the importance of strong messaging for B2B companies.

During our half-hour conversation, Jonathan explores tips for B2B messaging based on his work and Ironpaper’s recent survey of B2B leaders. “Messaging is one of those overlooked components for marketing and sales,” he said. “Many companies are starting to sound the same, even when they have very particular differentiators.”

According to Jonathan, many B2B companies struggle with speaking to the buyer, and only 8.1% of B2B leaders feel they have “very effective” messaging in place. Our episode discusses the benefits of a solid messaging strategy, which include:

  • · Increase engagement with buyers
  • · Bring in more senior decision-makers to the buying process
  • · Improve sales close rates and conversion rates in the funnel
  • · Help users connect to the brand