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LinkedIn Ads
LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Message and Conversations Ads 

The LinkedIn Message and Conversations Ads has been suspended on 10th January 2022 in the EU region due to evolving legal landscape.  

Updated Q1 2022

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Message Ad 

The LinkedIn Message Ad will be suspended on 15th December 2021 due to evolving legal landscape.  

Updated Q4 2021

LinkedIn Ads Matched Tab 

The LinkedIn Matched Tab allows businesses to know which accounts will reach. In addition, LinkedIn shows the companies able to match to a company page. 

Launched Q4 2021 

LinkedIn Document Ads 

Boost documents, such as eBooks, infographics, presentations to increase your company engagement. 

Launched Q4 2021 

LinkedIn Newsletters 

Increase your opportunities by gathering subscribers on a regular number of LinkedIn Articles. 

Launched Q3 2021 

LinkedIn Ads Audience Network engagement metrics 

View how your campaign impacts your target audience in terms of brand awareness across the LinkedIn Audience Network. 

Launched Q3 2021 

LinkedIn Ads deletion 

Work optimally by removing unused accounts, campaign groups, campaigns and ads. 

Launched Q3 2021 

LinkedIn Mobile page analytics 

Access to page analytics from any device, including mobile. The information you’ll find is the following: 

  • · Updates (desktop) and content (mobile). 
  • · The number of followers. 
  • · The number of visitors. 
  • · Competitors: Compare your followers and content engagement with your main competitors. 
  • · Employee advocacy: Rate the engagement and quality of your content with employee recommended content. 
  • · Talent brand: Analyse how to enhance your engagement with your career pages audience. 

Launched Q2 2021 

LinkedIn Articles 

Post long-form articles on your LinkedIn page. The article will be shared with your followers and connections in their feeds and sometimes through notifications. 

Launched Q2 2021 

LinkedIn Event Ad 

Launch a LinkedIn Ads campaign to promote your event to the right professionals and increase event registrations. 

Launched Q2 2021 

LinkedIn Event Post Boosting 

Reach more prospects by boosting your LinkedIn organic posts directly from your LinkedIn page in a few clicks. 

Launched Q2 2021 

LinkedIn Registration Form 

Collect easily qualified leads to attend your event by using registration pre-filled forms with LinkedIn profile data. LinkedIn registration forms can’t be added to a private event. 

Launched Q2 2021 

LinkedIn Live Video easier access 

LinkedIn members and pages must have only 150 followers to have access to LinkedIn live videos. Once it’s approved, all admins can record LinkedIn Live videos. 

Launched Q2 2021 

LinkedIn Ads Audience Network preview 

View how your ads will look in the LinkedIn Audience Networks

Launched Q2 2021 

LinkedIn Audience Network reporting breakdown 

Analyse how your ads on the LinkedIn Audience Network performed to conclude which optimisations you should implement. 

Launched Q2 2021 

LinkedIn Personalised Landing Page 

Build a customised landing page in your campaign manager to get qualified leads in real-time. Also, you can know which potential opportunities showed interest by clicking the landing. 

Launched Q2 2021 

LinkedIn Brand Lift studies 

Analyse your ads performance on brand metrics. When creating the brand lift test, you can select the brand metrics you want to measure. 

Launched Q2 2021 

LinkedIn Offline conversions (API) 

Connect your ads to offline conversions to track the impact of your LinkedIn spend. 

Launched Q2 2021 

LinkedIn Frequency Forecasting 

See the average number of times your ads will impact your audience based on your segmentation, bid, budget and start/end campaign’s date. 

Launched Q2 2021 

LinkedIn Forecasting Tool 

Watch ongoing forecast results before, during and after your launch through the forecasting tool. 

Launched Q2 2021 

LinkedIn Event Analytics 

Check the LinkedIn Event performance through the following metrics: visits, attendance, engagement and firmographic data. 

Launched Q1 2021 

LinkedIn Live Video in Page header 

Record LinkedIn Live Video to engage with your audience. This option only can be used by approved members and pages. Live videos will be shown at the top of LinkedIn pages to increase visibility. 

Launched Q1 2021