LinkedIn Ads ROI Calculator

Building a LinkedIn lead generation campaign requires a high investment to generate qualified leads. Estimate the revenue and ROI of your campaigns through our calculator. In addition, if you want to calculate before your LinkedIn Ads costs and investment, we recommend you to read this post.

Finally, you can check our LinkedIn Ads definitive guide with ultimate information related to how to create an optimal B2B campaign.

How to use the calculator

We have created the LinkedIn Ads ROI calculator to save you time when estimating your revenue. You only have to fill in the boxes with an *, and the calculator will give you the results automatically.

Each box has an explanation below to help you to understand the information you need to introduce. In case you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

LinkedIn Ads ROI Calculator
The revenue associated with an average customer, for a 1 year period
The amount of money that will be placed in media advertising

The expected cost for each click (Cost per Click)
The number of times that a click will be made on a ad, or that it will be open
The proportion of clicks that will result in a lead
The number of people that will provide their data

The cost per lead
The proportion of leads that will result in an SQL
Sales qualified leads, or leads qualified for sales treatment

The cost per SQL
The proportion of SQL that will result in a request
The number of times your product or service will be requested. A request indicates that there has been a formal sales document exchange with the prospect, for instance a quotation

The cost per request
The proportion of requests that will result in an actual customer
Companies that have hired your services or brought your products

The return on the investment, calculated on a 1 year revenue. The result is the division of the total revenue value by the total campaign cost