Key offers for each funnel stage in B2B lead generation campaigns

Are you obtaining qualified leads on a regular basis? If not, don’t worry! In this post, we mention key offers for each funnel stage in B2B lead generation campaigns.

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TOFU (Top of the Funnel) offers examples for B2B lead generation campaigns

Blog posts

Blog post can be implemented on TOFU, MOFU and BOFU strategies. It’s used to educate your target audience about a specific topic.

-Add a CTA: In order to get new leads, you need to add a CTA on your blog posts to redirect them to a landing page.

Develop an optimal keyword analysis: You need to analyse beforehand which keywords your target audience looks for.


eBooks allow you to share more complex content. This type of offer can also be used in B2B lead generation campaigns.

-Invest time creating the landing page: You need to dedicate time to create a landing with a good copy and attractive visuals to encourage users filling the form.

Add a specific cross-offer: If you provide an eBook related to a topic, you can also offer a free consultancy related to that topic at the end of the eBook.


This type of content are commonly used to show statistics, step-by-step content, etc.

Create an optimal landing page: You also need to focus efforts to create an optimal landing page in order to get qualified leads.  

Share your infographic: To make your infographics visible, sharing only once is not enough. For example, you can publish them on your social networks, blog posts, among others.

Social media posts

Social networks are a key tool to share your solutions, relevant information and offers.

-Publish your content continuously: We recommend sharing your offers or solutions more than once overtime to make sure your content arrives all your target audience.

Optimise your content plan: It’s essential to know which content is working and not, in order to understand what kind of offers and solutions you should share.

MOFU (Middle of the Funnel) offers examples for B2B lead generation campaigns


It’s a key offer in B2B lead generation and also to build a long-term relationship with them. Webinars can be regarded both as MOFU and BOFU strategy.

Send email reminders: It’s recommended to send email reminders because usually, users don’t remember the date of your webinar.

Add value to your webinar: In order to add value to your webinar, you can give attendees for free an eBook, infographic, etc.


When users need to do a specific activity, they often prefer to work with checklists to help them to follow all the steps.

Give extra information: We recommend putting additional information, as an eBook, post, etc.

Update your checklists: Your checklists should be updated with new steps to consider. As a result, this will allow you to share it more than once.

Online calculators

Calculators allows to give customised content compared to other strategies. So, we also recommend considering these offers in B2B lead generation strategies.

Offer a solution: After users calculating, you can give them a specific solution to them covering needs.

Amplify your calculator: It’s important to share your calculators through social media, blog posts, landing pages, among others.


This strategy is a good way to provide content in a different way than usual.

Publish your podcasts: Share your podcasts in your social networks, website, blog posts, guides, eBooks, etc.

Add CTAs: In order to get leads, it’s essential to create CTAs to redirect users to a landing page.

BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel) offers examples for B2B lead generation campaigns


Free demos are more focused on SaaS. It’s a good option to show your target audience how your software is what are its advantages.

-Talk about relevant features: You need to understand specifically what your target audience wants to know about. To do that, you can create an agenda with the topics to discuss. 

Develop next steps: After the demo, you must define the next steps. You can schedule follow-up meetings, in order to increase chances to get convert those leads into customers.


Another key offer for BOFU funnel stage in B2B lead generation is trials. Also focused on SaaS. Users can know your product first hand and compare it with competitors.

Give limited discounts: It’s recommended to offer limited discounts to your leads in order to encourage them to buy your product.

Ask for the necessary information: Users do not perceive well if they see more than 10 fields.

Conversion SQL to Request: This value represents the proportion of SQL that will result in a request. To be precise, a request indicates that there has been a formal sales document exchange with the prospect, for instance, a quotation. Based on our example, imagine your conversion SQL to request is 70%.

Sales consultancy

This offer is key to have the first 1:1 contact with your target audience. Here, you’re dedicating time to understand users’ needs and gaps in order to give them a solution.

-Provide relevant information: Give some best practices, explain how your clients succeed with your company and share some relevant data they won’t find.

Give additional material: We recommend delivering additional free material. Consequently, they will remember an excellent experience with your company.

Quotation with discount

Offering a free quotation is an excellent way to make your service known to your target audience. However, it’s advisable adding a discount as quotes usually are always free.

Add a time-limited discount: In order to encourage your leads, it’s more attractive to mention that the discount has a time-limited.

Schedule a follow-up meeting: After giving the quotation, it’s essential to schedule a follow-up meeting in order to explain in detail your offer and clarify any doubts.