Why web hosting is important for B2B marketing

Web hosting is important for B2B marketing, as it provides SEO opportunities, load speed, a well-maintained website, IP address, a loss of revenue prevention and an uptime.

There’s a list of six hosting plans to choose focused on different websites’ specifications. So, first, it’s essential to know what your website needs.

This concept is probably thought to be more focused on the IT department. However, it’s also crucial for B2B marketing and so for the lead generation.

SEO opportunities

One of the most common goals for the marketing department is to get our website appears on the first page of searches. Search engines like Google value a website load with less than two seconds. So, if you make sure that your website has that speed, you’ll take advantage of the SEO ranking factor. Web hosting can achieve that speed, and, consequently, it increases the opportunities of a high-ranking.

Load speed

Search engines will not show those websites that are not accessible or loaded in more than two seconds. Consequently, if you want to launch new content or a landing page for a marketing campaign, make sure that the speed of the new pages supports your campaign.  

Well-maintained website

Your website must be protected in terms of security in order to avoid being hacked. If this happens, Google will not show your website on search rankings because it always makes sure that users visit secure, relevant and effective sites. Consequently, this will impact your visibility.


The location is another reason to answer why web hosting is important for marketing. When searching, Google shows results according to IP address. So, we recommend hiring a hosting located where you want to be found and read.

Loss of revenue prevention

Web hosting prevents frequent downtimes. If your website is unavailable, users won’t be able to find your website. If this happens frequently, it can affect your company’s reputation and, consequently, your revenue.


A website uptime consists of the percentage of a certain period in which the site is accessible. The higher this percentage is, the higher are the opportunities to users visit your website. Web hosting allows having an uptime guarantee of 99.9%.

It’s essential to know why web hosting is important for B2B marketing strategy, as it helps in SEO ranking, visibility and reputation.