Terms & Conditions

1. Gotoclient®
Gotoclient® is a company duly incorporated and existing under the Laws of Spain with office at Carrer de Can Ràbia, 3-5, 2nd floor, 08017 Barcelona, registered on the 18th August 2009, volume 41389 folio 49 sheet B392571, Register 1 in the Commercial Registry of Barcelona. VAT Number: ESB65149825, at sole proprietorship. 

2.1. The Company is pleased to provide web visitors (hereinafter «User Client» or «the User») access to the Gotoclient® Website (hereinafter the «Website» or «Gotoclient®»). 
2.2. Access to and use of this Website as well as the information, products, services, materials and content available to this Website are subject to all applicable laws and regulations and to these Terms of Use. 
2.3. Terms of Use herein define Company’s obligations to its Users and User’s obligations to the Company. 

3.1 Gotoclient® Website: is www.Gotoclient.com including certain non public areas accessible by authorized users only. 
3.2 Website Contents: is all materials on the Website, including without limitation; text, images, software applications and all modifications and enhancements thereof. 
3.3 User Client: is the website visitor.

4.1. The User acknowledges having read and understood the Terms of Use herein which governs the use to the Website and constitutes the entirety agreement between the User and the Company. 
4.2. In addition to the Terms of Use herein User must abide by Gotoclient® Privacy Policy as well as by all regulations, specific conditions and other policies the Company post on the Website. 
4.3. By using the Website, User expressly agrees to be bound by the Terms of Use in their entirety and without exception. 
4.4. Terms of Use may be changed by the Company from time to time without specific notice to Users. The latest Terms of Use will be posted on the Website. It is important that User regularly read Website’s Terms of Use to ensure the awareness of any modifications that might have been made to the Website conditions of use. 
4.5. User acknowledges and agrees that access to this Website and the use of any information materials, products or services provided through the Website is not intended, and is prohibited, where such access or use infringe applicable laws and regulations. 

5.1. Upon registration, User represents and warrants to the Company that User is of legal age to form and binding contract. 
5.2. User is obliged to provide Gotoclient® with accurate, current and complete registration information. You can register by visiting Gotoclient® Website. User must then fill in a form. 
5.3. User acknowledges and agrees Gotoclient® may use access credentials in order to authenticate User on the Gotoclient® Website. Users are responsible for access/use of Gotoclient® Website through their credentials. It is the User, not Gotoclient®, the responsible for maintaining and protecting User credentials and all information related to User’s account. User should immediately notify Gotoclient®, of any unauthorized use related to the access account or if User’s email or password has been hacked or stolen. If User discovers that someone is using personal data without consent, or any other breach of security, User agrees to notify Gotoclient® immediately through the contact point available in the Website. 

6.1 Gotoclient® Website provides on-line support and information to Users, including. 
6.2 Gotoclient® reserves the right to exclude certain categories of subscription from the provision of support and assistance services. If a category of subscription is not eligible for support and assistance services, this will be specifically indicate in the description of the concerned category of subscription. 

7.1. Due to technical uncertainties of the Internet, Gotoclient® reserve the right to temporarily suspend the use of the Website for technical reasons or maintenance. The suspension of services does not confer any right to compensation to the User, although Gotoclient® shall use its best efforts to limit possible suspension or interruptions. In addition, Gotoclient® retain the right to implement any changes to Gotoclient® website at any time, with or without notice. User acknowledges and agrees that it is possible Gotoclient® carry out certain actions that may prevent User from accessing the Website at certain times for limited periods, therefore User agrees that Gotoclient® shall not be responsible or liable as a results of any of such actions including, without limitation, for deletion or failure to make available, any of the Website content or services. 
7.3. In addition, Gotoclient® shall not be liable as a result of any infringement regarding processing of personal data belonging to Users, when such infringement is directly related to the obligations that User is required to comply when intervene as Data Controller or as Data Processor with respect to third parties for which the User acts on behalf. 

8.1. By agreeing to these Terms of Use, User acknowledges having read and understood the terms of our Privacy and Cookies Policy and agrees with our Privacy Policy, which can be found here. 

9.1 Gotoclient® is the owner or licensee of all right, title and interest in and to the Gotoclient® Website and Contents as well as all modifications and enhancements thereof, including all trademarks, trade names, trade secrets, copyrights and any other industrial and/or intellectual property rights pertaining thereto. Terms of Use herein do not provide Users with title or ownership of the Gotoclient® Website and/or Contents, but only a right of limited use in accordance with these Terms of Use. In connection with this, User may not use, display, reproduce, create derivative works of, re-license, sell or distribute Gotoclient® Website, Contents or any portion thereof, except as otherwise provided in these Terms of Use. Gotoclient® is a trade mark property of Gotoclient SLU, registered under the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), with trade mark number 010194785, figurative type, registration date 18/02/2014, nice classifications 16, 35, 40, 41. Details of Gotoclient® trade mark registration can be found here.
9.2 User acknowledge and agree that the Gotoclient® Website, Contents consists of proprietary products of Gotoclient® or has been licensed to Gotoclient® by third parties, which are protected under copyright law. User acknowledge that Gotoclient® does not grant any license or other right to use any of its trademarks, service marks, copyrightable material, or other intellectual property, except as expressly provided in the Terms of Use herein. 
9.3 User acknowledge that, in the event of breaching of any of the provisions set forth by this section, Gotoclient® will be entitled to obtain an injunction against such breach from any competent Court or jurisdiction immediately upon request. 

10.1 User will indemnify Gotoclient® for any liability arising from any loss, liabilities, costs, damages or other expenses howsoever incurred by Gotoclient® in connection with, or arising directly or indirectly as a result of, User breach of these Terms of Use as well as by User use of or access to Gotoclient® Website. 

11.1 The terms and conditions herein are governed and construed in accordance with their own content and by the Laws of Spain. In case of divergence as regards the interpretation of these Terms of Use, Barcelona City Courts shall have jurisdiction to hear any disputes that may arise.