Everything you need to consider about LinkedIn sponsored content ads and lead gen forms

Generating qualified leads is an essential part of every marketing strategy. That’s why you need to think about which platforms you are going to use, the offering you want to provide, among others. Based on our experience, LinkedIn is an optimal choice to launch B2B lead generation campaigns, as it provides effective solutions to obtain qualified results. LinkedIn sponsored content ads and lead gen forms are commonly used to generate leads. So, in this post, we are going to talk about important factors to take into account.

Before reading the post, you can watch the video attached, where we explain visually and simply the most relevant points of the LinkedIn sponsored content ads and lead gen forms.

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LinkedIn Sponsored content ads and lead gen forms

LinkedIn single image ad

Ad specs

Introductory text: 600 characters limited, but LinkedIn suggests introducing 150 to avoid truncations in the desktop version. However, thinking about the mobile version, LinkedIn cuts copies with approximately up to 90 characters.

Headline text: 200 characters limited. However, we recommend writing a maximum of 70 characters also to avoid truncations.

Description: It’s not mandatory to put a description. In this case, LinkedIn allows to add 300 characters, but you should use approximately 100 characters.

Destination URL:  2000 characters.

Image: The image should be 1200 x 627 pixels, as it provides 38% more clicks approx.

CTA (call to action): This point is key. You can choose between: sign up, apply now, download, get quote, learn more, subscribe and register. You will have to choose the CTA that best fits your offer.

Key tips

Impactful copies with attractive images: Users usually don’t have enough time to read all LinkedIn posts. That’s why you need to catch their attention through attractive copies and images.

Include the pain points of your target audience: LinkedIn members need to feel identified with your ad. If you mention their pain points and so the solution to cover them, it will be more likely to obtain qualified results.

For awareness and consideration campaigns: This type of campaigns is optimal when your company is new, or you are launching new products or services, among others. So, the offering should be more informative, to educate your audience. For example: eBooks, whitepapers, guides, webinars, etc.

For lead generation campaigns: In this case, your offer must be focused on the decision stage. You have to provide reasons about why users should deliver their data. Examples of recommended offers: demos, trials, software or hardware bundles, specific purchasing model, a partner/channel program with limited inscription time or an exclusive inscription opportunity.

LinkedIn video ad

Ad specs

Video length: from 3 seconds to 30 minutes.

Recommended video length: shorter than 15 seconds long.

File size: 75 KB to 200 MB and has to be uploaded in MP4 format.

Headline:  up to 70 characters to avoid truncation.

-Introductory text: 150 characters.

CTA (call to action): You can choose between sign up, apply, download, view quote, learn more, subscribe, register, join, attend and request demo.

Key tips

Use the video for awareness and consideration campaigns: According to LinkedIn, members spend 3x more time watching video ads rather than with images.However, videos are useful in the awareness and consideration stages. LinkedIn also confirms that only 6% is effective in the decision stage.

-Capture members’ attention in the first 10 seconds: The first seconds of the video are key. If users don’t consider your video relevant, they won’t see it till the end. So, you need to introduce the essential information in the beginning.

Include subtitles: LinkedIn plays videos automatically in mute, so we recommend adding subtitles, and so the images have to be self-explanatory.

Keep your videos short: As mentioned before, LinkedIn suggests the video shorter than 15 seconds.

Avoid videos from banks: People want to see real people. Consequently, it would be an optimal option for recording team members.

Ad specs

Images measurements: must be 1080 x 1080 px to avoid grey mailboxes.

The number of cards: LinkedIn allows to add a maximum of 10 cards.

-Introductory text: Up to 150 characters to avoid truncations. However, you can include a maximum of 255 ch.

Cards limited characters: For carousel ads that direct to a URL, there is 45 ch limit. For those ads directed to a lead gen form, LinkedIn allows to add up to 30 characters.

Key tips

Include 3 or 5 cards initially: You probably want your target audience to see all cards. So, we don’t recommend adding 10 cards. Start with 3 or 5, and depending on the results, include more cards or change their order.

Use LinkedIn carousel ad when launching new products: This format is a good option if you want to show new products or services. You can add all your new products in one ad.

Launch carousel for products with difficulty using: Regarding products or services that are hard to use or explain, the carousel ad allows you to explain the features better.

Explain your story: For awareness campaigns, you can explain your company’s or success stories.

LinkedIn lead gen form

Form specs

Form name: Up to 256 characters.

Offer headline: This is a mandatory field. You can include up to 60 characters.

Offer details: Up to 70 characters to no be cut.

Profile information: You can choose a maximum of 12 profile information fields.

Custom question: Up to three optional custom questions. In each field, LinkedIn allows to write up to 100 ch.

Custom checkboxes: In this case, you can include 12 custom checkboxes with a maximum of 500 characters on each.

Key tips

Add a maximum of 4 pre-filled fields: Users want to provide as little information as possible. So, avoid choosing more than 4 fields.

Use pre-filled questions: It’s essential to provide the optimal experience to users. That’s why we recommend using pre-filled options, as users don’t need to write anything. The machine takes the information.

Test more than one form: If you want to ask more than the recommended questions, it’s advisable to test two or three forms to check which performs better.  

Make sure your form’s copy is not truncated: You can see this through the preview tool. In this link, you can check more tips related to the LinkedIn lead gen form