How to make good use of the LinkedIn Ads budget

LinkedIn Ads is indeed a platform that requires a higher investment compared to others. However, with good use of the budget, you can get qualified results. That’s why, in this post, we are going to talk about how to make good use of the LinkedIn Ads budget.

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Tips to carry out an effective LinkedIn Ads budget

Introduce a daily budget

LinkedIn allows indicating the maximum amount of money you want to spend every day. We recommend adding this option rather than a lifetime budget. When starting the campaign, we suggest including a higher budget to conclude as soon as possible how the campaign performs. Consequently, you can analyse what changes you need to make in terms of audience, ads and budget.

On the other hand, to know how much money you should invest each day, you can follow this formula; for every 100k members, you have to invest 150€ per day. 

Set an automated bid

It’s suggested initiating the campaign with an automated bid. Through this option, the LinkedIn machine gets the best performance. However, this means that your CPC and CPL will be higher.

Therefore, after two weeks, we recommend setting manual bidding. When introducing the bid, the LinkedIn machine also suggests the bid you should put. It analyses the bids placed by other advertisers launching campaigns for similar targets.

Make tests A/B

On LinkedIn Ads campaigns, you should launch more than one campaign with a minimum of two ads to test them. So, you need to allocate the budget to each campaign. You can distribute the budget equally or notdepending on the relevance of each campaign and so the targeting.

Launch awareness and decision campaigns

If you have awareness and decision goals on your campaigns, you should focus 70% of your budget on the decision campaign and 30% on the awareness oneDecision campaigns are usually more expensive because you pay per click and the awareness you pay per impression

Optimise your budget

Finally, you have to optimise the budget on a continuous basis. You should make sure you’re not spending all your budget. On the other hand, you also need to check you’re getting optimal metrics. For example, if your CPC or CPL are higherchange the bid and so the budget to improve them.