LinkedIn Ads

As a B2B advertising agency LinkedIn Ads are a key piece of our service. We run integrated LinkedIn campaigns both for the awareness phase (top of the funnel) and the decision stage (bottom of the funnel), with specific LinkedIn lead generation ads. Our LinkedIn Ads for B2B maximize your lead conversion rates, applying the right formats (Sponsored Content, Sponsored inMail)

More than 10 European cross-country LinkedIn Ads campaigns, since the COVID-19 crisis started, proof our effectiveness as a LinkedIn Ads agency in B2B lead generation in the new normality.

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B2B lead generation

We run our B2B lead generation services from a business value standpoint. That is why we are one of the best B2B lead generation agencies in Europe. Our services start from strategy: Ideal Customer Profile; Buyer Persona build; positioning; value offering; messaging and channels. On execution, we work on: lead generation; lead nurturing, generation of qualified leads; campaign optimization; conversion rate maximization; cost per lead optimization and all kinds of KPIs and metrics that our B2B lead generation experts will manage. As a B2B lead generation agency we run multiple programs per year.

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Inbound Marketing for B2B

As an inbound marketing agency, we’re both a HubSpot agency as well as an Adobe Campaign one. We execute integrated inbound marketing B2B services, with the right marketing automation tools and strategies. Working both on customer acquisition and nurturing and CRM based lead generation, our services go from your Buyer Persona definition, buyer journey definitions, integrated inbound marketing strategies build, awareness – consideration – decision phases tools set up, offer build, integration with your CRM and communications strategies set up and implementation. In order to make sure you get the right inbound marketing benefits, we also work on sales and marketing alignment (smarketing).

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Channel loyalty programs

As a channel loyalty agency we run channel loyalty programs for unattended or unmanaged indirect distribution channels, so brands with an indirect distribution channel can make the most of their MDF, market development funds or Co-op funds, as well as be in a position to fight against the increasingly important grey market. In the post-COVID-19 new normality environment that has provoked big shakes in the indirect distribution channels, in order to increase channel distribution sales, channel incentives programs are one main key to success.

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B2B & Consumer promotions

We are also one of the best sales promotion agency in Europe. Our promotional services integrate all kinds of consumer and B2B promotions: cashback promotions; trade-in and trade-up promotions; sweepstakes and competitions; buy & try; try before you buy. Our promotion software, RunRunPromos, runs more than 140 types of redemption promotions, allowing us to provide a high level of service and promotion risk management. After COVID-19 developing sales activation promotions in retail and e-tail becomes critical.

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Online trainings, workshops & consultancy

We run a series of online trainings and workshops: LinkedIn Ads trainings; LinkedIn Ads workshops; B2B lead generation trainings, B2B lead generation workshops; inbound marketing trainings; inbound marketing workshops. As a LinkedIn consultancy firm we also provide guidance on your current campaigns.

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