Channel loyalty programs

As a channel loyalty agency, we develop channel loyalty programs. We boost brands and manufacturers with indirect distribution channels sales, optimizing their channels investments and fighting against grey market.

Channel Incentive Programs

The COVID-19 crisis has strongly affected the distribution channel. Therefore, channel incentive programs implementation optimizing MDF – market development funds or Co-op Funds and at the same time fighting against grey market can increase your company’s unattended or unmanaged channel presence and control.
As a channel loyalty agency, we elaborate the whole channel program. On the one hand, the front-end part, in which we work on the website layout and look & feel, interface, the web design and the user experience. On the other hand, the back-end, which integrates data management and CRM integration, providing real-time information to our client.
During the program’s course, we offer your team an immediate response commitment, as well as monthly follow up meetings to immediate response and weekly reports in order to track and control results.

Channel loyalty programs benefits:

· According to a research from Google and CEB, 86% of B2B buyers do not perceive significant differences between competitive products. Therefore, it is essential to offer a competitive advantage through a channel loyalty program.
· A report from B2B International states that 80% of B2B companies are not price driven. A loyalty program with customer’s value added allows the company to find other differentiation elements than price.
· A Mc Kinsey research shows that around 70% of B2B companies that offer outstanding digital experiences are more likely to be chosen as a primary supplier.
· Opportunity to work with a professional team with extensive experience in developing channel programs / loyalty reward programs aligned to your goals.

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