New normal services

1. Why are you changing your new services now?

Our view is that brands’ needs and marketing business rules are changing dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic started, as explained here. Some trends have been accelerated, and some needs have appeared. In any case, our service portfolio change reflects this necessity and will to adapt to the new normal.

2. When are you implementing your new services portfolio?

All services are ready and already active with key clients.  We’re 100% prepared to go with LinkedIn Ads, B2B lead generation, Inbound Marketing for B2B, Channel loyalty programs and Training, workshops and consultancy. On the latest, our training options will evolve in the upcoming months.

3. What is your specialization level on your new service portfolio?

We already are a LinkedIn Ads agency, with full integration with LinkedIn teams, running several campaigns as we speak. For B2B lead generation, most parts of the service have been active in the last few years.  Our team is inbound marketing certified, Gotoclient being a HubSpot partner since 2017. Both Channel loyalty programs and B2B and consumer promotions have been with us for almost a decade. We’ve carried successful workshop sessions and consultancy-based projects in the past few years.

4. How will you make sure there is a return on investment on the new services?

One of Gotoclient’s strengths is the capacity to forecast your sales, understand whether a campaign makes sense or not, and fit the campaign within your business needs. All these are strategy campaign foundations that are always supervised by our managing director, so we ensure a) the campaign ROI forecast and b) that we run close to it during the implementation phase.

5. What is the pricing of your new services?

We have published all our standard prices as we think prospects and clients deserve pricing transparency.

6. Are you ensuring support for agreed old services projects?

We are guaranteeing continuity for clients that have contracts in place with us or that hire services or a recurrent base (for instance, each year at a given time).

7. Are you going to offer your old services again?

In terms of re-offering the old services broadly and proactively, we do not foresee it, nor at a short or long term.

8. Sometimes I need my agency to carry additional works. Will you fulfil my needs?

Historical high loyalty clients’ needs will be fulfilled. There is no plan to go beyond our portfolio for new clients.

9. I think the best agencies are focused on one service. Other agencies are fulfilling each of the parts of the service of your portfolio. Why are you the best choice?

The answer will depend on each service, so let us just give a snapshot of the reasons why you should work with us on each service:

LinkedIn Ads: (probably the) most business-oriented approach in the market, close work with LinkedIn, positively proven experience in 2020.

B2B Lead generation: (probably the) most business-oriented approach in the market, strong capacity to integrate several tools under the same project, positively proven experience since 2016.

Inbound marketing for B2B: (probably the) most business-oriented approach in the market, in-depth knowledge of HubSpot platform, positively proven experience since 2017.

Channel loyalty programs: a deep understanding of indirect channel market codes, successful campaigns since 2013, integration capacities with your channel data.

B2B and consumer promotions: cents of thousands of promotion claims managed since 2010, own RunRunPromos platform, hundreds of campaigns managed, capacity to align the promotion positioning with your business goals.

Online training, workshops and consultancy: the capacity of quickly understanding your business, proven experience, in-depth knowledge of tools and methodologies.

10. Can we talk to you and discuss our needs/campaigns?

Absolutely. We don’t charge for the first meeting, nor our proposals work and presentations. You can book an appointment with us here.

11. Do you have client testimonials? Can we talk to your customers to get their feedback on your performance?

Of course. We have some client testimonials here.  Additionally, once we have discussed your needs, we will be happy to put you in contact with one of our clients so you can discuss it with them.

12. Can you share success stories?

Of course, you can see our success stories here.

LinkedIn Ads

13. What is your experience with LinkedIn Ads?

We have run +10 LinkedIn ads projects so far and expect to end 2020 with around 20 LinkedIn Ads projects. Our clients’ total spends expectation for 2020 are of several cents of thousands of euros.

14. What is the integration level you have with LinkedIn?

Our team is trained on LinkedIn Ads and is in constant contact with LinkedIn. LinkedIn professionals are supervising our major campaigns regularly.

15. Are you a LinkedIn certified agency?

LinkedIn does not hold an agency certification program.

16. We have already run LinkedIn Ads with no success. The platform does not work. Can you comment?

The fact that you have run a campaign with no success does not mean the platform does not work. We work with clients that have run unsuccessful campaigns in the past and are not loyal to our LinkedIn Ads services. There are typical causes for LinkedIn Ads campaigns failure. Most common are not building the campaign correctly (for instance, using formats that don’t match your goals), allocating a budget that is below the relevant threshold, or not applying the best practices (for instance message inconsistencies or bad user experience).

17. I want to try LinkedIn Ads or B2B Lead Generation projects. What happens if the campaign does not work?

When implementing a campaign for you, should we not reach the estimates, several corrections will take place, including:

=> Message changing

=> Offer changes

=> Addressing new markets

=> New formats testing

18. We have already run Social Selling activities with no success. Therefore, we think LinkedIn Ads is not working. Can you comment?

You can’t compare LinkedIn Ads with social selling activities. Social selling is hardly outsourceable, as it requires key salespeople to learn and apply social selling techniques.

19. Can you recommend best practices on LinkedIn Ads?

Absolutely. We are currently building our LinkedIn Ads Definitive Guide, that we will publish shortly.

20. Someone recommended I should start blogging activities instead of running LinkedIn Ads. Can you comment?

Blogging activities can be divided into 2 sections:

Feeding your blog with relevant content and start gathering leads, which is the fundamental inbound marketing principle. It takes time, as you will need the leads to go through several buyer journeys and several stages (awareness/consideration/decision). Therefore, feeding your blog responds to a long term strategy, whereas LinkedIn Ads – for lead generation – can respond to a short term need.

Using other blogs with techniques such as link building, guest posting or advertising. Whereas these are great organic traffic generation and inbound marketing techniques, they respond to an even longer-term based strategy.  You cannot identify what the need behind the lead is, and, more importantly, you do not have control of your audience.

B2B lead generation

21. What is your experience with B2B Lead Generation projects?

We have been running B2B lead generation projects for the past few years with key clients and integrated several platforms to do so.

22. Can you recommend best practices on B2B Lead Generation campaigns?

We are building the Definitive B2B Lead Generation Guide, that we will publish shortly.

Inbound marketing

23. What is your experience with Inbound marketing for B2B?

We have been running inbound marketing projects since 2017 when we became HubSpot’s partners. All the inbound marketing projects we have run are B2B focused.

24. I have been told inbound marketing works for B2C and B2B. Can you comment?

In effect, inbound marketing can work for B2B and B2C. However, Inbound Marketing for B2C requires high levels of investment and technology adoption.

25. Does your team have inbound marketing certificates?

Yes, our team is inbound marketing certified.

26. Can you recommend best practices on Inbound Marketing for B2B?

Yes, we are building the Inbound Marketing for B2B Definitive Guide, that we will publish shortly.

Channel loyalty programs

27. What is your experience with Channel loyalty programs?

We have been running channel loyalty programs for the past decade for key brands with indirect channels.

28. Are you able to set up the legal side of Channel programs?

Yes, we are, for key European countries.

29. Can you recommend best practices on Channel loyalty programs?

Of course. We are building our Channel Loyalty Definitive Guide, that we will publish shortly.

B2B & consumer promotions

30. What is your experience with Consumer and B2B promotions?

We have been running B2B and consumer promotions for the past decade, with cents of thousands of claims managed.

31. Which tools do you use to run promotions?

We have even built our promotion software, called RunRunPromos platform.

32. Can you recommend best practices on B2B & consumer promotions?

Surely. We are currently building our Channel Loyalty Definitive Guide, that we will publish shortly.

Online training, workshops & consultancy

33. What is your experience with consultancy, training and workshops?

We have run several consultancy projects on product launches, on marketing strategy and communication strategy. Some of those are confidential, so we can’t disclose more than we are writing here. We have also carried various inbound marketing workshops for key brands.