Buyer Persona development through an example

Buyer Persona development is key for all inbound marketing strategies. It helps you to know in-depth your target audience. It consists of providing detailed information about a specific user who represents your target audience or one of your target audience groups. 

The information you need to collect is the demographics, personal and business background, interests, needs, goals and pain points. As a result, you will know which type of content and communication you have to provide to your target audience.

How to build the Buyer Persona

Company’s CRM

Analyse your company’s database to know which type of clients and prospects your company has. In addition, it’s important to see which content of your website they consume.

Website forms

Check which kind of information you ask for on your forms, and if it’s necessary, add new fields with the required questions to complete your Buyer Persona. However, take into account that users don’t want to provide a lot of information in forms. So, include only the essentials.

Marketing department

Do interviews to your marketing department in order to know their opinion. They can give you a point of view that you didn’t consider and can be useful to you.

Sales department

It happens the same with the sales department. Although the work is aligned with the marketing department, they may also have different information to contribute. So, ask them their opinion about current clients and prospects.

Clients’ opinion

Finally, you can also ask directly to your customers. Their opinion is essential for all businesses. Ask the opinion of those clients with whom you have a closer relationship.

The information you need to complete your Buyer Persona


In this section, you need to talk about your Buyer Persona age, family situation (if they’re married, have children, live alone, etc), and their location. 

Business background

Here, the information is based on their professional career. You have to include their job details, current position, years of experience, the industry they work in and other additional relevant information.

Business values and goals

On the other hand, you need to know which values and goals your Buyer Persona has in business. 


You also have to analyse which needs they have in their company in order to know which type of solution you should provide.

Pain points

At the end, you have to include their personal and professional pain points to complete your inbound marketing strategy. It’s essential to know which problems they have, to conclude how you can help them. 

Example of a Buyer Persona

On the below, we’re going to show an example of a Buyer Persona.

Example of a Buyer Persona

In the image, we can see that the essential information of the buyer persona in each block is indicated. With these points, we can develop an effective inbound marketing strategy to reach these users. In addition, it will be easier to develop content and communication and decide which channels to use.

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