Solidary Christmas campaign #ShareToHelp

Christmas should be a happy days for everyone, right? But we all know that this is not always the case. Not for everyone.

Unfortunately, poverty and exclusion do not rest at Christmas. From Gotoclient we want to do our bit to change this situation.

For this reason this Christmas we decided to help those who need it most: children from developing countries, specifically supporting a project focused on their education and literacy. This is how #ShareToHelp was born, our Christmas campaign to support the ‘One laptop per Child‘ (OLPC) program.

 With #ShareToHelp Gotoclient will donate € 1 for each ‘share’ obtained by the video of the campaign we have done. It’s that simple. It’s  that  solidary.

How to share the video? #ShareToHelp

The goal of #ShareToHelp is getting shares of the video, because logically this will lead to reaching more people and, as a result, more children will benefit from the project.

Here’s how to share it:

  1. Watch the video (short duration)

  2. At the end of the video, ‘share’ buttons appear

  3. Use the share buttons that appear at the end of the video, choosing the way you want to share it (on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, by email …)

  4. Share it, adapting the text that appears as the default to your liking

The video of the #ShareToHelp campaign

Here’s the video of the campaign:

What is the One Laptop per Child program?

The mission of the One Laptop per Child project is to offer education and literacy to children in developing countries, giving each of them a laptop.

The laptop of this program is characterized by its unmistakable green, its low energy consumption and ease of use, and its total adaptation for children:

From OPLC they have designed hardware, content and software for a collaborative, cheerful and autonomous learning. With access to this type of tools, children participate in their own education, and learn, share and create together. They connect with each other, with the world and with a better future.

One Laptop per Child works with the Zamora Teran Foundation (FZT) to provide implementation services around the world. FZT, a non-profit organization based in Nicaragua, has extensive experience in the successful incorporation of the laptop into the learning process, as well as in the provision of professional development opportunities for all parties involved in the OLPC program. 

In fact, the One Laptop per Child project in Nicaragua includes the participation of 265,000 children and 2,000 teachers.

 The OLPC multidisciplinary teams work to identify and analyze the social, economic and educational context to create a program adapted to the specific needs and desired results of each community. With such knowledge and local context, OLPC identifies the key elements necessary for a successful program that includes social and educational transformation. Our goal is to support the design and implementation of programs.

With more than ten years of experience in the field, OLPC is uniquely positioned as an expert in the integration of technology in the learning environment. OLPC now seeks to share the knowledge that leads to a transformation in schools and communities and to a more solid and unified future for all. 

Thank you in advance for sharing the video 🙂

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