Why are the remarketing and retargeting strategies important?

Remarketing and retargeting strategies are aimed to arrive those users that have interacted with your company. So, the answer to why are the remarketing and retargeting strategies important, is both strategies impact users who have shown interest in your business. These members are more likely to convert into potential customers.

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Difference between remarketing and retargeting strategies

Although they may appear to be the same strategy, they are not. The remarketing is based on email marketing to re-engage with those prospects who interacted with your website and previous emails. On the other hand, the retargeting is focused on paid ads to arrive users who clicked the ad but didn’t fill the form. The retargeting can be done in platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

Remarketing strategy: Reasons why you should consider it

Offer a customised experience with qualified prospects

Users who downloaded specific content or applied to a particular offer can bring them additional information about the topic they showed interest. For example, you can provide an eBook, a guide or a meeting to discuss the subject more. So, you’re increasing chances to start a conversation with the qualified prospects.

Expand brand awareness and consideration

If you keep talking and bringing relevant content to your prospects, it’s probably they won’t forget you. Quite the contrary. They will appreciate your time you invest in them by giving content selflessly.

Increase possibilities to convert the prospect into clients

As you’re having a conversation with them, you will be more likely to convert them into customers. Clients don’t come on their own. They commonly need to go through a process to gain trust with the company.

Remarketing strategy: Ways to implement it

Add pop-ups to invite users to register on your website

You can introduce a pop-up to those visiting your website and spend more than X minutes. Or, if you prefer, you can add it immediately. However, we wouldn’t recommend showing the pop-up directly. If you set a margin of 10 minutes, the users that register to your website will be probably more qualified.

Target your audience

It would help if you thought your audience, as you can have more than one target audience. For example, you shouldn’t send the same content to users who visited your page and others who downloaded a guide.

That’s why you need to separate them into different groups and develop a content strategy for each one.

Implement email marketing with automated answers

When developing your newsletters, it’s advisable to build automated answers. For example, for those leads who download an eBook, you can send them a thank you email with additional relevant information. On the other hand, for those who didn’t download it, consider sending a reminder.

Think about your current clients

One of the essential things to take into account is your clients. You have to take care of them so that they keep carrying out projects with your company. To do this, we recommend providing cross-selling (provide related services or products to the clients’ purchase). On the other hand, to get the contract renewed, you can add a special discount.

Retargeting strategy: Reasons why you should consider it

Accelerate the funnel process

According to a Leadpage’s survey, 3 out of 4 customers runs retargeting campaigns. It helps to rapidly move users through the funnel, as you can impact those who have already engaged with you. You can create ads with a message focused on these interested users to increase the conversion rate.

Expand qualified lead generation

If you finally convert users who clicked your ad more than one time, for example, they will be more qualified rather than the members who only clicked once.

Focus marketing efforts

On the other hand, it’s an optimal way to focus efforts with members who showed interest instead of impacting users who may not be concerned about your company’s services or products.

Increase brand awareness

In addition, here happens the same as with remarketing campaigns, interested users who are impacted by different customised ads will remember you and perceive a good experience.

Retargeting strategy: Ways to implement it

Target your audience by behaviour and time spend

Here, you also should classify the members by their behaviour and time spend. It doesn’t have the same value a user who has visited several pages for 15 minutes as another one who has only been there for 5 seconds. You should provide different messages and offers.

Introduce a pixel

In order to develop a retargeting campaign, you can consider adding a pixel to register the users’ visits. As a result, you will be able to re-impact them with a retargeting strategy.

Create retargeting lists

You can also create a retargeting list through platforms like Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook Ads, among others. Each platform can build instant lists by different criteria like users who clicked the ad but didn’t fill the form, members who visited your company page, etc.

Consider developing retargeting with your customers

You can also include retargeting strategies with your current clients by adding lists with their companies’ names. However, this specific campaign will be more considered as awareness and consideration. But it is an optimal way to retain them and building loyalty with valuable content.

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