Why digital promotions are mandatory in consumer marketing strategies

Regardless of their size, all businesses need to realize and accept the importance of digital promotions in consumer marketing strategies.

Here is why closely scrutinising your digital promotions are mandatory in consumer marketing strategies.

Different types of digital promotions in consumer marketing strategies

The most used digital promotions in consumer marketing strategies are discounts, cashbacks, deferred bundles and free shipping.

Promotions and consumer marketing strategies go hand in hand. With promotions, you put across the benefits of your product or service to the customers. A well-designed promotional campaign needs to be aligned with your other consumer marketing activities. Consequently, it will increase your profitability, ensuring your business’ long-term success.

Obviously, there are some usual mistakes to avoid when designing online promotions for consumer brands, but there’s no doubt they can bring business growth.

You may or may not know this, but consumers actually look for sites with promotional offers. This is the reason so many businesses today employ promotional offers to motivate consumers to buy.

Digital promotions help eliminate any resistance to purchasing your product or service and they encourage consumers to buy more of a given product.

Also, there are other digital promotions types that your company could benefit from:

– Raffles

Buy & Try promotions

– Trade-in promotions

– Contests

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To see more detailed information about digital promotions types, see our B2B and B2C promotions guide!

Today, the above promotions are increasingly helping businesses to sell more of a product online, which is the reason digital promotions are considered as an important piece in the consumer marketing jigsaw. Following is detailed look at the role of digital promotions in consumer marketing strategies to understand their importance in consumer marketing.

The role of digital promotions in consumer marketing strategies

To be successful, consumer marketing requires activities that create a massive impact within a short period of time. And digital marketing activities are required to prove its ROI, understanding that the results that we should expect will always depend on the stage of the marketing funnel that we are aiming at.

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Digital promotions are an example of such consumer marketing activities.

The voice of your business, consumer marketing sends out your brand’s message to the intended audience loud and clear. Once the message has reached your audience, the next step is to get them to make a purchase with you.

How do you do that?

With promotions! As we pointed out, there are many ways to promote your brand and increase sales online.

Depending on the goals, objectives and priorities of your business, you can use various promotional strategies to market your business and drive sales online.

So, how can digital promotions elevate your consumer marketing efforts?  By doing the following:

– Increasing brand awareness

– Providing appropriate information

– Growing customer traffic

– Building sales and profits

Let’s discuss the above benefits of using digital promotions in consumer marketing strategies in a bit more detail.

4 benefits of using digital promotions

For any business, being aware of consumer marketing trends is crucial. A consumer marketing trend, that’s making the headlines today, is digital promotions.

Digital promotions effectively introduce your products and business online and provide you with the following benefits:

Increases Brand Awareness

Digital promotions are a great way to increase brand awareness. Promotional products generally garner considerable attention as they provide consumers with an incentive to buy. When you offer these products on your site or an affiliated page, customers will not only notice this, but they will also inform others about promotion. 

This helps you to spread across information about your products and brand, which helps people to know you, look into your products and make purchases.

Provides more consumer information

A well-thought out digital promotion can help you to identify different segments of consumers in the market and what motivates them to buy. This in turn, can help you offer personalised solutions to meet the specific needs of every client.

Also, with try before you buy promotions you can analyse the response of a specific market -group of consumers- to a new product that you are willing to launch or that you are just testing.

Grows customer traffic

One of the most effective consumer marketing activities, digital promotions can help you to increase customer traffic.

They will not only find out more about your promotional product but they will also perform extensive research on your business. Ultimately, this will help you increase the traffic on your website and other online pages such as your social media accounts. And, this can work wonders for you in the long term.

So, do not think of promotions only in terms of direct results (such as sales), but also in a solid tactic for brand build. 

Boosts sales and profits

If any business claims that the objective of their promotional activities is anything other than increasing sales and profits, then they are either lying to you, or themselves.

No one runs a business just to win appreciation or positive reviews/word-of-mouth from customers. Yes, these things are important, but just because they contribute to drive sales and increase profitability in the middle and long terms too.

Proven consumer marketing strategies to drive sales, digital promotions lure consumers into buying your product. And, they don’t stop at the first purchase.

The incentive is alluring enough for them to buy more of the promotional item. And this isn’t the story of just one consumer, this practice is seen across the entire customer base. All this adds up to increase in sales and profitability. 

In short, using digital promotions in consumer marketing strategies can help you to entice customers to take specific actions that drive your sales and other measurable KPIs that are important to your company.

To know more about digital promotions, what makes them important in consumer marketing and what they could mean for your marketing efforts, get in touch with us today!

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