Gotoclient awarded as an excellent company by top media

Gotoclient awarded as an excellent company by top media elEconomista & Informa D&B., leading economic newspaper & website in Spain, and Informa D&B, leading WorldWide company in Commercial, Financial, and Marketing Information, with the CIEGE Certificate (Informa elEconomista Certificate to Excellent Management). We’re extremely humbled by that recognition.

Candidate companies in business management excellence were evaluated with: solvency, profitability, growth, human resources, internationalisation, corporate social responsibility, customer satisfaction, innovation, commercial risk management and digitalisation.

After having submitted more than 1.300 companies to CIEGE, we are glad to announce we’re one of the 47 companies recognised as an excellent company in business management.

In addition, according to the results, we want to add the following relevant information:

-We’re the only online marketing agency with the certificate.

-We’re one of the only 17 service companies with the award.

-We’re one of the 9 Catalan companies that get the CIEGE.

On the below we’re going to explain the reasons they provided us with this certification:

Solvency and profitability

Gotoclient has enough resources to run several advertising and intensive financial campaigns at the same time. That’s why we’re a solvent and profitable company with capabilities to pay long-term debts.

Growth and employment

As a result of COVID-19 crisis, companies have been forced to lay some of their employees. In our case, our opportunity approach has proved results. We thought that embracing the opportunity and keep all employees and work for clients, regardless of if they could pay us or not, would pay back in the future. We have also integrated 2 new team members in the past six months.


In the last year, we have significantly expanded our international client portfolio, managing activities in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, The UK and Ireland.

Corporate social responsibility

Since the COVID-19 lockdowns, we have provided a number of resources to help companies and users. We offer free available useful information, like workshops, guides, infographics, sales consultancies, eBooks, posts, COVID-19 stats, etc. Here, you can check our COVID-19 resource centre,

Customer satisfaction

Also, we’re humbled to work very hard every day for top brands that recognise that we operate in great partnership with them. You can Check our Sortlist’s profile or our reviews on HubSpot.


Two months ago, we launched our new service portfolio, explained by Jordi Marca, our director here. In addition, you can also check our Q&A.

We are now on the journey of launching some new resources. For instance, our  LinkedIn Ads definitive guide for professionals with key information you won’t find on the internet.