Best lead generation tools for B2B

Generating B2B leads is key for all B2B business. That’s why it’s important to develop optimal strategies with useful tools. In this post, we’re going to mention the best lead generation tools for B2B. 

Nowadays, you can choose between a large number of tools. So, you need to select the one that most cover your company’s needs. If you want to get more information about B2B lead generation campaigns, you can visit our definitive guide.

The basics of B2B lead generation tools

When we talk about lead generation software, we refer to all the tools that help the lead generation strategy. Therefore, we find the following typologies:

Landing page builders

This type of tools doesn’t generate leads directly, but it helps in the lead generation strategy. Users can access a landing page with an offer and sign up to obtain it. 


Forms complement site pages such as landing pages. Through these, members can provide their data and click on submit and receive it and save it in the CRM.

Paid Ads

In this case, you can obtain leads directly. 

Marketing automation

This helps to target the leads and provide them with automated marketing messages. It allows for managing repetitive tasks.


This type of tool helps to analyse if it is worth investing time in the generated leads and offer a more customised experience.

Which are the best B2B lead generation tools?

When we talk about lead generation software, we refer to all the tools that help the lead generation strategy. Therefore, we find the following typologies:

Landing page builders

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads is one of the most important paid ads tools. There’re more than 675 million professionals registered on LinkedIn. So, it’s optimal to invest in this tool and generate B2B qualified leads. It has a comprehensive segmentation tool that allows reaching the target audience efficiently. Also, you can choose between several LinkedIn Ads formats according to your goals. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This LinkedIn tool lets you search the users and companies that closely match your target audience. Through a number of suggestions and tactics, you can obtain the B2B qualified leads that are most prepared to be converted into potential clients.


Pipedrive helps to track your interactions with your target audience. It enables you to provide customised experiences and develop a follow-up plan to convert members into qualified leads. Pipedrive shows you all the information to after easily carry out strategies, and also it provides results based on statistics. 


It is also one of the most used B2B lead generation tools. HubSpot has a wide range of features to generate leads and transform them into customers. You can create landing pages, content marketing, track the SEO and social media posts and analytics. So, it’s an effective way to publish the right content and offers and deal with those users who are likely to be converted into leads.


LeadPages is a landing page builder where you can choose from hundreds of templates. It allows you to integrate it with your other tools and develop personalised experiences. Therefore, it will allow you to increase your conversion rate.


If you need a tool to automate your strategies, Zapier can be a good option. It helps to connect with a large number of apps. You can develop workflows for your emails, social media posts and calls. As a result, you will save time from doing repetitive tasks and close deals faster.


This platform allows building sales funnels tools to obtain new leads easily. You can create new landing pages, email lists and marketing campaigns by developing funnels. Thus, users will receive a customised experience according to their needs, and they will be more likely to convert. 


Unbounce is a landing page platform. It allows creating personalised landing pages, pop-ups and sticky bars. You can integrate the platform with other tools in order to save time and avoiding monotonous activities. 

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