LinkedIn Event Ad – Discover the new ad format

In 2020, LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Events to promote your events, but you must use the Single Image ad.

A few weeks ago, LinkedIn wanted to provide a specific format to share your LinkedIn Events. And, consequently, they created the Event Ads. This format allows to promote your events and convert those professionals you want to attend your event. When launching an event ad campaign, you can analyse if it’s performing optimally through new reporting metrics provided by LinkedIn.  

How does the LinkedIn Event Ad work

Users see the Event Ad in their feeds and, if they’re interested, they can click “View event” button. When clicking, members go to the Event page and, finally, they can click “Attend Event”. In this process, you can include a form, but it’s not mandatory.

Steps to create the LinkedIn Event Ad

1. Create a LinkedIn Event page from your company’s page. You have to go to your company page, select Admin tools and click “Create an event”. Then, you need to fill out the event details.

2.After creating the event page, you have to create a campaign through the LinkedIn campaign manager. Remember that you must choose brand awareness, website visits or engagement goals to use this format.

3.Develop your targeting strategy. If you need help in this step, you can check this post.

4.Choose the Event ad format.

5.Set up your bid and budget.

6.Create a new ad.

Tips to consider

-The event page link cannot be edited after launching the ad. So, if you have to change the URL, duplicate the ad and include the new link.

-This format cannot be launched in LinkedIn stories. That’s why it’s important to make sure your audience mostly visit the LinkedIn feed.

-The event ad will take the header image and the title from the event page. So, when creating the event page, think if the content will fit the ad.

-It’s recommended to add a form. Before, we mentioned that it’s not mandatory to include it, but in order to get new qualified leads, it’s essential to add a form.

LinkedIn Event Ad specifications

-The Event name must include a maximum of 55 ch.

-Regarding the introductory text, it’s suggested to add 150 ch, but you can include up to 600 ch.

-The image must be 4:1 aspect radio.

Event Ad reporting

Finally, after launching your campaign, you will need to track the following metrics:

-Event registrations: Total number of users that click “Attend event”.

-Click registrations: Total number of clicks that led to event registration. That means that the member viewed the ad, clicked the “Attend event” button but registered in the moment or later.

-View registrations: Total number of impressions that led to event registration. That means that the member viewed the ad, didn’t click the “Attend event” button but registered later.

-Key result: Total number of times members registered to the event through the Event page directly.

To end this post, we recommend you to check our LinkedIn Ads definitive guide with key information about how to create an effective campaign.