COVID19 – The importance of making a good alignment between Marketing and Sales 

Maintaining a good alignment between sales and marketing department or proposing a good strategy of SMarketing is key to address the current crisis of COVID-19 and avoid losing any business opportunity. 

Importancia de una buena alineación entre Marketing y Ventas

What’s the meaning of SMarketing? 

SMarketing is a process which consists in the integration of sales and marketing team in the strategy of lead or potential customer generation for the company. Both departments have to work together under a common goal. To do this, it’s important to have defined objectives, and they must be visible for both.  

Typically, Marketing is focused on attracting visitors to the web, convert these visits into leads and feed them through the Customer Journey until they become a MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead). 

However, in sales department these leads are worked individually to turn them into customers. 

According to HubSpot, within the framework of the pre-COVID-19, “companies that keep their marketing and sales teams perfectly aligned tend to have an average growth of 20% approximately”. 

Therefore, in this current situation of the COVID-19, it is advisable to focus efforts to achieve a good harmony between sales and marketing, because in this new situation caused by the COVID-19 it is important to not lose new business opportunities. If both departments are correctly aligned, the response time will decrease and these opportunities won’t be lost.  

4 ways to minimize the risk of losing opportunities during the COVID-19 crisis 

1.- Implement a clear lead management process.

2.- React faster than ever.

3.- Get sales do the marketing work

4.- Get sales with marketing.

In the report we propose your performance in the COVID-19 environment. You can obtain more details about these recommendations. 

The crisis has undoubtedly caused that both departments must adapt their plans to this new situation. 

From Gotoclient we offer a free 90-minute session to help brands on how they have to align and redirect their marketing and sales teams during the crisis. Through this workshop you will be able to:  

-Redirecting Quickly your marketing and sales teams.  

-Minimizing the risk of losing business opportunities during the COVID-19 crisis.  

-Taking relevant measures to organize your post-COVID-19 smarketing. 

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