LinkedIn Audience Network – What is it about and why you should use it

The LinkedIn Audience Network is a new option launched by LinkedIn a few months ago. This new feature allows you to expand your campaign’s reach by showing your ads in other channels rather than only in LinkedIn’s feed. On the other hand, if you decide to select this option, LinkedIn will continue respecting the targeting parameters, bid and budget. 

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Your ads will appear on the LinkedIn feed and third-party publishers’ apps and sites to members. LinkedIn makes sure that the ads will be delivered in safe and approved sites. 

However, you must consider the following points before selecting this tool:

-LinkedIn Audience Network option is only available with a single image or video ad format.

-You cannot launch a campaign to arrive at your audience off LinkedIn’s platform.

-The budget will be respected, but you may see your budget will be spent faster.

LinkedIn Audience Network benefits

You can increase the reach by 25%

The LinkedIn Audience Network can help to increase your campaign’s reach by 25%. This allows you to impact easier your target audience and obtain qualified results. 

The results can be compared in Campaign Performance with the On/Off Network

To conclude if this option provided performing metrics, LinkedIn allows you to see the results in the campaign the performance both with the LinkedIn Audience Network tool and without it. 

Ads are adapted in the different sites automatically

You don’t need to create a separate ad per platform. LinkedIn will adjust your creatives according to each publisher guideline. Your ads are not going to look very different. If it’s necessary, LinkedIn is going to change only the size or format.

LinkedIn Audience Network tips

Exclude the publishers’ categories you don’t want to appear

LinkedIn allows you to be more specific when selecting this option. You can exclude them in two ways:

1.IAB category: you can exclude categories in the campaign manager. So, you have to follow these steps:

-Sign in to the campaign manager

-Click on the campaign you want to add the LinkedIn Audience Network option.

-Select the video ad or single image ad format.

-Enable the LinkedIn Audience Network tool. 

-Click “Show Audience Network advanced options” and select “Exclude categories”. 

-Type the category you want to exclude. 

2.Block lists: On the other hand, you can also upload a block list to exclude categories:

-Create a CSV adding the sites you want to exclude. You can also download the template.

-Sign in to campaign manager.

-Go to Account Assets and click Block lists.

-Click Upload a block list.

-Finally, add this list as an exclusion in your campaign manager.

Think about your images and videos

You must consider that may your ads can be adapted to the different sites. That’s why it’s recommended to add them with minimum overlay text and to keep your ad title on the shorter side. 

Make test A/B

Finally, you can launch two different campaigns, one enabling LinkedIn Audience Network option and the other not choosing it. Consequently, you will see if it helps or not with your campaigns.

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