Online promotions ideas to support the point of sale

Ecommerce is huge today, and it is giving many brick-and-mortar retailers a massive scare. To compete with their digital brethren, physical retail brands will have to step up their promotional game by a notch or two.

In addition to entering the ecommerce game buy becoming etailers, it is highly recommended that retail consumer brands carry out online activities in order to support the sales of their physical stores.

How to support retail stores with online marketing activities

To do so, here are some online promotion ideas to support the point of sale.

Retailers across the country are fast realizing that the best way to take their marketing efforts to the next level is integrating cross-channel campaigns. Traditional campaigns that have been the standard for decades no longer work, at least alone. Customer today have a plethora of information available to them and thus, are a lot more aware than the generations gone by.

Nowadays, thinking about and developing marketing and promotional campaigns that are combined with in-store retail efforts is a necessity rather than an option.

So, what are the successful retailers doing, and how are the integrating different channels and promotions to build impactful marketing and sales campaigns? Following are some proven online promotions ideas to support the point of sale and drive sales.

Spur in-store purchases with email offers

Some retailers are using printable offers that can be redeemed for an in-store purchase to support point of sales and spur sales. While this isn’t exactly a new idea, it is helping retailers who don’t offer online checkouts to drive the ROI of their email marketing.

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An example of this is an American chain of shops that emails offers to customers to encourage physical sales or in-store purchases. It’s an effective online promotion as many people collect and redeem coupons on a regular basis.

Use loyalty programs and customer retention

Want to spur physical sales? Then offer loyalty programs online.

A great promotional idea for retail stores, loyalty programs show your repeat customers how much they’re valued and this encourages more point of sales from them. You can craft personalised promotions to offer your customers online by using customer data and purchasing pulled from your POS system.

Most customers today prefer personalized offers over blanket promotions. For instance, if a customer stops in every Wednesday for a cappuccino, send them a coupon for 30% off their favourite drink this Wednesday. You get the point right: the more personalised a promotion, the better chances of driving a physical sale.

It isn’t necessary that you offer the personalized promotion through your website only. You can offer it through email, social media and affiliate or cashback sites as well.  Giving customers choices on how they can be contacted shows that you care about their preferences, which can only be good for your business and point of sale.

You can also try reward points. This means that for each pound they spend on your products, your customers get a reward point. Once they have a certain amount of points, offer them a gif or discount on items. This will support point of sale and encourage buyers to become repeat, loyal customers.

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Offer discounts

Discounts are a promotional winner and there are no two ways about it. How many people do you know who would refuse an opportunity to get something they wanted for less? Not many right? Thought so.

Not only do people prefer getting what they want for less, some wait for an item to go on sale before they buy it. Even though this is obviously dangerous for a brand if not strategically implemented, the reality is that consumers are increasingly aware that companies make discounts with a certain frequency. Based on this, why not offer them strategically and combined with a loyalty program?

So, offering discounts on items to support point of sale is a no brainer. This promotional idea has worked for many retail stores to date. Following are two ways you can offer discounts to your customers online:

Percentage-Based Discount

Percentage-based discounts are a popular and effective way to offer discounts. To drive sales by 20 to 25%, you can offer small percentages off items such as 5 or 10% percent discount.

In case you want to liquidate an old or stationary merchandise, consider significant parentage off such as a 50% discount on the item. It all depends on your goals actually, but our recommendation is that you put a layer of creativity in this strategy.

Free Gift

This is offered to ‘reward’ a purchase. As they provide customers with additional value, free gifts can significantly drive physical sales. Just a tip on this: let’s figure out that you have -as most consumer brands- some best-selling products and other products that are hard to sell and that you would like to get rid of the stock of the hard-to-sell products.

So, you create an online promotion in which, for the purchase of the successful product (best-selling product), you give away the product that is difficult for you to sell. From the point of view of the perception of value, the consumer will have acquired two products at the price of one, but for your company you building brand loyalty while also releasing stock.

Use a buy & try offer

If a retail customer isn’t completely satisfied with their purchase, they can return the item bought within a specified period of time for a full refund. Buy & Try offer is a great way to eliminate any risk consideration from a customer’s decision-making process, support the POS, and drive sales.

Also, with a buy & try offering you have the chance to put other products of your company in front of the customer, as it allows to cross-sell or up-sell easily.

Offer double incentive promotions

Double incentive promotions are great for supporting physical sales too.

For example, you can try a combination of buy&try and a discount promotion to support the point of sales and drive sales. By using double incentives, you combine the power of two sales promotions, offering two incentives for making a purchase to your customers at the same time.

This increases the chance that your customer will go through with purchase or use your offer to make an in-store purchase. The more, the merrier is what comes to mind here.

To sum up, most retail stores struggle to come up with online promotion ideas that support point of sale. This is the reason we’ve shortlisted online promotion ideas that not only support POS, but also drive more sales. If you have any further questions on this topic, then get in touch with us today because we’re here to help you. And you can also check our content offers on online promotions.

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