What does a perfect B2B marketing offer look like and what you should keep in mind to create it

There are some key aspects of a B2B marketing strategy that are usually left behind. It is time to talk about an important one: the offer.

There are some key aspects of every good B2B marketing strategy that are usually left behind. Some weeks ago we talked about messaging as one of them, and today is time to talk about another one: the offer.

You just wouldn’t get any leads if you don’t have anything strong to offer them. In B2B marketing we call “offer” the proposal that you make to the prospects. What is that you will give them, and what do you want in return? 

When we talk about marketing offers, we are not talking about sales offers. A marketing offer is what you will provide in exchange for the customer’s data. Offers can typically be obtained by filling out forms.

Some examples of this might be specific content on your website, webinars, whitepapers, demos, consultations, and lots of etcetera.

The offer should be strong enough to give the customer a good reason to interact with you. This is the “give and get”: he will give you personal data, but only in exchange for something that he will get. in return.

Here are the 3 key aspects to consider when thinking about B2B marketing offers:

Understand your audience.

First, you must know your audience. Analyse your buyer personas and identify what kind of offer might be more interesting for each. You might have as many offers as buyer personas.

Understand your buyer’s journey.

Where are they getting in touch with me? What questions are they trying to answer? What kind of content are they looking for? Try to match these answers to your touchpoints and offers.

Define offers for each stage of the funnel.

You shouldn’t be offering decision content to a lead that is in the consideration stage, and vice versa. Be very specific about what you can give to each.  We have recommendations for this.

So, how to know what to offer? As always, this is something that should be deeply analysed in the context of a board B2B marketing strategy.

Many things that we usually think of as offers are not. There are at least four conditions that every offer must have:

1.    Is highly valuable for your audience

2.    Is aligned with your business and the rest of the marketing strategy

3.    It’s thought for a specific audience at a specific time. It’s not generic.

4.    It’s exclusive. You can only find it in that specific campaign at that specific time.

The perfect B2B offer is the result of deep analysis, should be specific for your audience in the particular time that you’re trying to impact them, and should be aligned with the buyer’s journey and the funnel.

Are you ready to take your offering to the next level?