Let’s introduce the four trends that you must consider in the next few years. Launch remarkable B2B campaigns and boost your revenue!

Trend #1: The marketing and sales team will increasingly working aligned

New generations increasingly report scepticism on sales claims, according to Gartner. Online research is their primary  way to buy (27% in 2020). 

What will be happen?

  • – The sales team won’t get the message through.
  • – B2B consumers won’t pick up the phone.
  • Gartner’s report shows that 17% of the total purchase journey is spent interacting with the sales team. Considering the average deal involves multiple suppliers, any sales rep has roughly only 5% of a customer’s total purchase time. 

Consequently, There will be a strong need to unify sales & marketing. According to LinkedIn, 87% of sales and marketing leads, a collaboration between sales and marketing teams enables growth for their business.

Trend #2: Branding campaigns will be crucial to generate qualified B2B leads.

In recent years, the focus has been on B2B lead generation campaigns. Nowadays, large companies realise that it is more relevant to work the brand awareness.  According to LinkedIn, when only B2B acquisition campaigns are developed, the conversion rate is a paltry 0.2%.

In the upcoming years, we foresee that:

  • – B2B companies will launch long-term campaigns by starting with brand awareness.
  • – Companies will increase the notoriety thanks to the awareness campaign.
  • – Spam via LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Messages will be reduced.

Trend #3: We will go back to broad targeting

When developing B2B lead generation campaigns, we try to target our audience precisely. But targeting broadly will be more crucial.

Why this will happen:

  • – B2B buying decisions usually involve more than one department.
  • – People change their jobs, and new professionals enjoy those companies.

Trend #4: The new B2B online marketing with no cookies

According to  Forbes, 76% of internet users feel uncomfortable with what tech companies are doing with their data.

Firefox and Safari have blocked tracking cookies by default, and Google has also announced that they will block cookies tracking.

Below, we’re going to mention some tips that can help in this new B2B digital marketing:

  • – Contextual advertising: In this case, ads are based on the content users are looking for instead of their behavior. As a result, users will be more likely to engage with the ad.
  • People-based targeting: The data revolves around customers in real-time. It allows companies to find potential clients in the places and at the exact times they want to be engaged.
  • Hyper-personalised emails: Take care of your current CRM and develop hyper-personalised emails.

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