Tips to get a high conversion rate on LinkedIn Ads

As mentioned in other posts, LinkedIn Ads is an effective way to generate qualified B2B leads. However, it’s essential to think about in these questions: how am I going to get those leads? What do I need to offer to get their attention? In this post, we will explain key tips to get a high conversion rate on LinkedIn Ads.

Audience tips

1.- Develop an analysis in-depth of your target audience

To get a high conversion rate on LinkedIn Ads, you must know exactly what type of users you want to arrive. Think about the industry their work, if they have a higher job position, specific skills, years of experience, etc.

If your campaign is based on the decision phase, we recommend targeting users with higher seniorities to impact decision-makers. In addition, in some cases, the company size option is very important to take into account.

2.- Test your audience

To make sure the audience criteria is correct, test more than one to see which one(s) really works.

3.- Optimise on a regular basis to get a high conversion rate on LinkedIn Ads

Through the demographic option, you can check which functions, titles, and company industries performs better. Consider removing those criteria that are getting bad results.

Message tips

Before indicating the tips, it’s important to say the message is not the same as the ad copies. The message is the topic you’re going to talk about in the campaign – the reason why you launch it.

1.- Make sure the message is relevant

It may seem very logical, but sometimes we talk about important topics for us but not for the audience. That’s why it’s essential to analyse which topics your audience cares about. If you offer a solution to these users’ concerns, it’s very likely to attract their attention.

2.- Check if your competitors use the same message

If nobody is running campaigns with the same topic as you, it will be an optimal opportunity to get a higher conversion rate.

3.- Verify you have in-depth knowledge on the subject

You must show credibility. For this reason, it’s important to have enough information related to the message.

Copies and images tips

1.- Align your copies with the visuals

In case you decide to launch single image ads or carousel ads, you have to make sure the copies and the images are in tune. The visuals are supportive to understand the campaign’s goal easier and faster, so it’s important to focus efforts on both.

2.- Create minimum 2 or 3 ads versions

Testing is key. Consequently, we 100% recommend launching 2 or 3 ads, but it would be better running 4 or 5 versions. As a result, it will be easier to analyse which ads work to after optimising them.

3.- Consider key recommendations for both

Make sure you’re following recommendations from LinkedIn. If you don’t know the tips to consider, you can check them in our definitive guide.

4.- Optimise always

When running the campaign, if your CTR is low (less than 0.50%) and your targeting is already optimised, consider changing copies or/and images.

Lead gen form tips

1.- Use the LinkedIn lead gen form instead of a landing page

To get a high conversion rate, it’s recommended using lead gen forms. LinkedIn confirms the conversion rate on a lead gen form is 13%, and on a landing page is 2.35%. That’s why you should use LinkedIn’s forms.

2.- Choose pre-filled fields

Users want a quick journey. For this reason, you need to opt-in pre-filled fields instead of those where it is needed to write. In addition, it is not advisable to introduce more than 4 fields.

3.- Write a copy according to the journey

In the form, users make the final decision. You don’t have to talk the same about as in the ad, mention the benefit of filling the form. It’s essential to convince users why they have to click on submit.

4.- Create more than a one version

There are fields that users don’t like, such as the telephone number. That’s why we recommend testing with two lead gen forms to see which performs better.

After seeing recommendations on how to increase your conversion rate, you can download our free B2B lead generation definitive guide.

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