Which are the best B2B inbound marketing strategies to attract new clients?

Which are the best B2B inbound marketing strategies to attract new clients? These are email marketing, content development, lead nurturing, marketing automation and SEO.

You need to implement strategies to first get new qualified leads and convert them into potential customers. These strategies are not only focused on TOFU, MOFU or BOFU stage. You can consider them in all funnel journey.

Having said this, let’s see them in detail:

Top strategies to get new leads:

Content development

You have to create relevant content to arrive at your target audience. Here, you must classify the information for each funnel stage. For example, a blog post with general information will be more focused on TOFU stage. On the other hand, if the article has more specific details, it will be recognised as a MOFU or BOFU strategy.

In order to attract new clients with blog posts, you can add cross offers to users download resources like guides, infographics, eBooks, among others. Or also you can think about providing workshops or free 1:1 meetings related to the post’s topic.

Developing new content is essential. However, you must make this information and resources known. To do that, it’s recommended to consider the following platforms and strategies: social networks, emailing, linkbuilding or even launch paid ads. Regarding linkbuilding, collaborate with the right companies to avoid those that work in the same market as yours.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Every single page you post must be based on SEO analysis. When searching, is your company appearing in the first place? If yes, you’re doing a great job! Don’t feel bad if the answer is no, it’s such a hard task. But, the deeper the SEO analysis is, the better results you will obtain.

An effective keyword strategy will increase your pages’ traffic. You have to search which keywords are more used to find the information you want to provide. Also, with the keyword research, you can find additional topics to post on your website. That’s why the SEO is one of the best B2B inbound marketing strategies to get new customers.

Top strategies to convert them into new clients:

Email marketing

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 81% of B2B marketers confirm the email newsletters are one of the best B2B inbound marketing strategies to attract new clients.

Companies usually have a contact database with current (or not) clients, prospects, distributors, etc. You must send updates and relevant information to them. We recommend building an emailing plan with the content you want to deliver. In addition, it’s essential to send one or two emails per week. As a result, it will be easier to convert those contacts into new potential customers.

Marketing automation and lead nurturing

When generation new leads, they are not ready to buy or hire your services (precisely, 73% according to Marketing Sherpa). That’s why you need to nurture them with an automated content plan. Depending on which stage leads are located, you have to provide customised information.

You should consider classifying users on their goals, needs and interests, as you will give a more engaging content.

With a marketing automation software, you will save time by scheduling your posts or emails and guiding your prospects through the journey.

So, the steps to include in your strategy are:

  1. Choose the information you want to automate. To do this, you can check which pages have the most traffic.
  2. Develop a workflow. As we mentioned before, you have to decide which information you will share in each funnel.
  3. Decide how you will communicate with leads. You can consider social media, emailing, website live chats or paid ads.
  4. Optimise the content: It’s recommended to update the information and send it to users again. Consequently, you will provide the best experience.

Want to know more about the B2B Inbound Marketing strategy? Check our definitive guide now! Or, if you prefer, you can download the PDF document.