Why tech brand marketing consistency is key and why you should care

When you search on Google for any tech brand logo image, you usually find results like this one. Furthermore when the brand logo is manipulated by someone that does not fall into the brand company owner direct relationship, then you might even find this.

Tech brand marketing consistency does not only relate to your logo, obviously. It relates to all those elements that are used to communicate with your community. Some examples include:

  • · The brand usage (all that’s included in your brand guidelines or brand book), or the application of all your brand visual elements
  • · The brand voice or the corporate tone of voice (the way your contents are written, the way you use the language)
  • · Your brand positioning and what it stands for (what your brand believes in and what its values are)

The way brands use all these elements will have strong implications key brand assets, such as:

  • · Brand awareness. The more consistent your brand is, the bigger their capacity to recognise it will be.
  • · Brand recognition, or how consumer will be able to correctly identify your brand.
  • · Customer satisfaction. We humans tend to like better what we know and what we feel is solid
  • · Consumer brand attitude (or the state of mind that the consumer will view your brand with) 
  • · (r)etailer or reseller engagement (or the way the your distribution will become attached and defend your brand). Retailers care about traffic and consumer demand. Having stronger consistent demand from consumers will increase their engagement with your brand.

Now, tech brands usually operate with local country marketing teams, that are typically focused on channel & trade marketing and work very closely with the country sales department, where as all that is related to strategy, research and sometimes advertising campaigns is left to the central / HQ teams. It is clear, then, that teams somehow counter operate, the local ones being more driven by sales, and the central ones, driven by strategy and pan country activities. So, the question is, how can central teams align with local ones on brand treatment? Stay tuned, we will soon write an article on a few tricks to help with that!

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