B2B Lead Generation + LinkedIn Ads

The problem

When our client, Goufone, approached our agency for assistance with their B2B campaign, they faced several challenges. Goufone needed to capture the attention of its prospects and create a sense of urgency to drive conversions. Convincing potential customers to make a purchase decision promptly was critical.

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The goals

We needed to create an enticing offer that would directly appeal to Goufone’s prospects, compelling them to take immediate action. This required careful consideration and an understanding of the target audience’s needs and pain points.

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The Plan

Agreements with Associations:
To establish credibility and broaden Goufone’s reach, we formed strategic partnerships with industry associations. This collaboration allowed us to tap into their established networks and engage with a highly relevant audience.
Besides, we crafted compelling LinkedIn activities. By consistently providing valuable insights and positioning Goufone as an industry leader, we captured the attention of potential customers and prompted them to take action.

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The Results

Through our collaboration, Goufone’s association agreements and active LinkedIn presence positioned them as a trusted and credible industry player. This bolstered their reputation and built confidence among their target audience, leading to increased trust in their services.

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