Case studies of B2B lead generation with LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn platform is currently the leader in lead generation, being 277% more effective than Twitter and Facebook. If your goal is to generate B2B leads, LinkedIn is the best option. Before launching a LinkedIn Ads campaign, it’s important to look at some examples and how other companies succeed. In this post, we’re going to show you case studies of B2B lead generation campaigns with LinkedIn Ads.

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Case studies with LinkedIn Ads

1.- ESCP

ESCP, the first Europe business school in the world, aimed to generate applicants for its master’s degree in European business and build a portfolio with potential clients.

They carried out a lead generation campaign on LinkedIn Ads, using the Sponsored Content Ad format, where they informed about their scholarships in order to obtain potential clients. ESCP set a goal of generating scholarship applications completed by 100 leads, in addition of generating 250 leads. The ad content was direct with a clear value proposition and as a visual they used a human image, being a good practice for LinkedIn Ads.

As a result of the campaign, they achieved over two million potential student impressions and generated a conversion rate of 14%, double the target previously set. On the other hand, ESCP generated 40 more leads than the goal set.

2.- Government and Public Transformation school of Monterrey Technology

The postgraduate school of the Mexico’s Government and TECs Public Transformation was promoted to develop solutions to relevant public problems, positioning itself as a reference in its sector.

The School of Government is aimed to highly specialized profiles, specifically professionals interested in changing the world, so they wanted to generate quality leads. They had to comply with a number of requirements in order to position the School as an excellence option.

Finally, they chose to build a campaign on LinkedIn, because it’s the only social network that allows to build an exclusive segmentation. They used the Sponsored Content and Sponsored Inmail formats.

In the Sponsored Inmail case, the professionals received a message with an aspirational and personalized tone, inviting them to learn about the master’s degrees that the school offered. A CTA was also included to fill out a form in order to get more information. Through this announcement they got 258 leads, an open rate of 55%, and finally a CTR of 26.95%. For the Sponsored Content format, they used a short but powerful copy with an aspirational and motivating tone. In this case, through this format they generated 104 leads, with a 1.07% engagement, 0.8% CTR, and finally, more than 125,000 impressions.

3.- Management School of Piura’s University

Finally, the Management School of Piura’s University is dedicated to training managers with ethical values to improve their decision-making process, offering a personalized education with a humanistic approach. The goal’s school was to impact students living in Peru by proposing different educational programs, with the purpose of generating quality leads.

After analyzing their needs, they chose to launch a Sponsored Content Ad with a lead gen form and managed to generate 451 quality leads, more than 325,000 impressions, 1.5% engagement and 1.1% CTR.

Key conclusions about the case studies with LinkedIn Ads

Choosing the right ad format

As we have seen, each company used the ad format that best suited their goals. Therefore, it’s important not to fall into the routine of always choosing the same format. Even though in a campaign a format achieves good results, it doesn’t mean that it will always happen. Also, you can use more than one format to analyze which one generates better results.

Precise segmentation

It’s essential to analyze the campaign’s target and to express it in an appropriate way the campaign’s definition to make your message reach the right users. If it’s not defined correctly, the possibilities of impacting your target audience will decrease, and consequently, your objectives will not be met.

Clear and impressive content

If the two previous points have been fulfilled but a clear and impressive content is not made, it’s probably that you will impact your target transmitting an erroneous message. That’s why it’s important to write a direct and clear copy, as well as to choose a visual that complements the copy’s content.