How to measure the effectiveness of your media campaigns 

Measuring the effectiveness of your media campaigns and ensuring that they align with your overall business goals is a key recommendation. But first things first, it’s essential to always start with your business objectives.  

By defining your business goals, you can then determine how marketing objectives will be delivered. It’s recommended that you have one objective per campaign, or many if they are relevant.  

Once you’ve established your objectives, it’s time to differentiate between KPIs and metrics. KPIs are the key performance indicators that help you determine whether or not you’ve succeeded in achieving your objectives. Metrics, on the other hand, are the specific data points that help you track progress toward a specific KPI. Some common KPIs used in measuring media effectiveness include brand favourability, purchase intent, and ROI.  

To track progress towards these KPIs, there are a variety of metrics that can be used such as brand lift studies, ad recall, reach, frequency, brand query growth, video completion rates, and CPM/CPV.  

It’s also important to consider how the media can help fulfil your marketing objectives at each stage of the customer journey. For example:  

– Awareness: To improve how much a well-known brand is liked  

– Consideration: To get people to want to buy the brand  

– Action: To maximise revenue by maintaining required profitability  

Understanding which stage of the customer journey you’re targeting with each campaign objective, and selecting appropriate metrics for tracking progress towards specific KPIs at each stage of the journey will help ensure success.  

Finally, it’s important to measure success by asking what we expect audiences to think, feel or do after seeing an ad? How should we measure the outcome? Which tools should we use? Which media metrics can help optimise campaigns or add insights? By following these fundamentals of media effectiveness, you can ensure that your media campaigns are aligned with your overall business objectives and are delivering the results you need to succeed.