LinkedIn Social Selling Index: How to engage with sales professionals

Evaluate your sales campaigns with Social Selling Index. According to LinkedIn, Sales Navigator can rocket your Social Selling Index by 20%.

The benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

According to LinkedIn, social selling leaders create 45% more opportunities than peers with lower SSI. Also, they are 51% more likely to reach quota.

  • – Find the right decision-makers and companies faster.
  • – Make the sales cycle shorter by keeping a good track of your key leads.
  • – Reach and engage with potential leads.

How LinkedIn Social Selling Index is measured

The Social Selling Index is measured through the following four activities:

Set up a Professional Brand

Establish a professional presence on LinkedIn with a complete profile. LinkedIn allows you to become a thought leader by publishing meaningful posts.

  • – Profile completeness
  • – Multimedia on profile
  • – Cover photo
  • – Endorsements
  • – Long-form posts and followers from posts

Discover the right people

Identify the appropriate prospects in less time using the optimal search and research tools.

  • – People searches
  • – Lead builder / Advanced people searches
  • – Prospecting profile views
  • – Inbound profile views
  • – Leads saved
  • – Days active

Engage with insights

Find and share updates to build relationships with your target audience.

  • – Engagements given and received
  • – Engagements received on long-form posts
  • – Shares
  • – Messages sent and InMail response rate
  • – Groups joined
  • – Accounts saved
  • – Research views

Build powerful relationships

Strength your network by generating trust with the decision makers.

  • – Connections
  • – VP+ connections
  • Internal connections
  • – Acceptance rate for connection requests sent
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Social Selling Gamification

Social Selling Gamification helps to engage potential users, encourages action and promotes learning. It also allows to retain and apply new product knowledge, meaningful reporting and analytics and scenarios to practise social selling. The available plans are:

Territory Planning Contest

  • – Goal: Get the representatives into the mindset of saving Accounts and Leads.
  • – Measurement: Within two weeks, representatives need to save 20 leads and ten accounts.

Engaging with Insights

  • – Goal: Encourage the use of InMails to generate new relationships and sales opportunities.
  • – Measurement: Each representative must submit their two best InMails with responses after four weeks.

Social Selling Index Score Contest

  • – Goal: Boost SSI score and engagement across all representatives.
  • – Measurement: Highest percentage increase of SSI over three month period.

Create a Professional Brand

  • – Goal: To motivate the sales team to enhance their LinkedIn profiles and represent your brand in the best way online.
  • – Measurement: Winning profiles must possess the top 10 profile tips and optimise their customer base.

Building Relationships

  • – Goal: Encourage the use of TeamLink to ease warm introductions.
  • – Measurement: Have the representatives submit success stories of using TeamLink when reaching out to a prospect. Also, ensure they give the details of the outcome.

Finding the right audience

  • – Goal: To motivate the sales team to use Sales Navigator to search for prospects in Lead Builder and view profiles before reaching out.
  • – Measurement: The number of profile views and number of searches in a month.

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