Remarketing is one of the most common practices in digital marketing: but do we know how to use it to our advantage? First, let’s examine why remarketing is an essential lead generation technique.

This digital marketing practice consists of being able to direct advertisements to people who previously visited a web page or content of brands. However, here we have one of the key points; it allows us to reach a visitor who has not completed the purchase or conversion process

Although this digital tool has higher costs due to its smaller audience, it has a high success rate. For example, research shows remarketing converts up to 50% of traffic, while search campaigns convert roughly 2%.

Implementing strategies in advertising campaigns is challenging, but it will help them work with other marketing strategies. For example, around 42% of companies use remarketing for online brand awareness and recognition (one of the key result areas). 

However, the main goals of this approach are to increase the return on investment (ROI), boost sales, and increase the number of users and brand awareness.

Digital analytics reveals four key moments to re-engage our potential leads. 

1. Users who have visited our website visualize the advertisement of our products while browsing other URLs or domains. 

2. Users visualize specific ads to our page’s products or services users have visited.

3. Visitors to our website see our ads when they search on Google. 

4. If we have a contact list of our customers, we can segment it and get our users to see the ads on the various Google products.

For this strategy, it will help if you have a customer list of those who purchased. That will allow us to target them with actions that will help to build their loyalty.

Finally, analyze the metrics! Be clear about your objectives and apply the necessary optimizations based on the results. It is essential to know what numbers we have to look at to understand if our marketing efforts are paying off; here are some key points to keep in mind. 

As you can see, with the knowledge of the technical capabilities of the different platforms, setting up remarketing strategies is an excellent option to serve our objectives and needs.