Ad types on LinkedIn: LinkedIn Ads keys

Carrying out an advertising campaign on LinkedIn is highly recommended if your business is B2B, and you have determined that your target audience is on this social network, which already has more than 600 million users globally. That’s why you need to know which LinkedIn Ad type you should choose.

In this post we will describe the different LinkedIn Ads characteristics.

Ad types on LinkedIn: all you need to know

Currently, there are seven ad types you can use on LinkedIn. Six of them are done through LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager, as is done with Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. And then there is 1 more that requires to contact with sales department and also a high budget.

LinkedIn is an excellent social network to develop your brand and increase your business visibility, as well as generate qualified leads thanks to the high segmentation possibilities.

In fact, LinkedIn is highly recommended for B2B marketing strategies focused on lead acquisition.

As we mentioned, through a LinkedIn Ads campaign you will have a target audience with more than 675 million professionals distributed around the world. All you need is a LinkedIn account.

Thanks to LinkedIn Ads Manager you will able to promote your brand in an exclusively professional context. Also, you can choose the budget that best suits your campaign and you will be able to stop your ads at any time to check the conversions generated.

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LinkedIn Ads types

Single Image Ad

Single Image Ad is a Sponsored Content Ad type known as ‘native advertising‘.

Through Sponsored Content Ads you can reach all devices you consider, once you have segmented the target audience you want to address. You have wide possibilities are wide due to we are talking about the largest social network of professionals in the world.

From desktops to smartphones and tablets, this ad type is native and is the best option if you’re looking for brand awareness or lead generation in a highly targeted audience. They are called ‘native ads’ because they are integrated in LinkedIn timeline users who are part of the target.

Consequently, your ad will be attracted by professionals that you have specified in the target segmentation.

Sponsored Content Ad example of LinkedIn Ads

Video Ads

Video Ad is also a Sponsored Content Ad type. It has many formats, firstly, the short one (5-15 sec.), which is a “gif” or “cliffhanger”, that encourages users to learn more. The second one is the medium (-30 sec.), where product summaries or interviews can be included. Finally, the long one (+1 min), used mainly to show client case studies, appealing to emotions or imparting knowledge.

Video content varies according to the marketing goals, for example, if your goal is to increase the knowledge of your company, you can explain your brand story, how it was created, its main values, etc. Also, if your goal is to generate conversions you can offer a demo of the product or service you want to sell, events or seminars previews, etc.

The first 10 seconds of the video are essential, so it’s important to create an impacting content to encourage them to view all the video. In terms of campaign results, LinkedIn offers different indicators such as video views, completion rates and lead generation.

Video Ads example of LinkedIn Ads

Finally, in June 2018, LinkedIn launched a new Sponsored Content ad format which allows to sponsor with a carousel format. Companies can include up to a maximum of 10 customizable cards, allowing them to create an attractive ad to the target.

Through Carousel Ads, you can tell a story, introduce new products or services, or even focus deeply on a single product or service. Before creating the visuals, it’s important to be clear about the campaign goal, because depending on which goal you choose, one or the other visual will be more appropriate.

On the cards you can add graphics, messages, CTA, etc, in order to draw attention to your target audience. However, it’s advisable to start with 3 or 5 cards, and depending on the results, add more. You can also change the cards order to get better results.

Carousel Ad example of LinkedIn Ads

Message Ads

Message Ads are one of the most personal and customizable ad, because it’s sent directly to the LinkedIn mailbox. This LinkedIn ad type is the best one if you’re looking to seek a greater segmentation nd a high degree of personalization, in equal parts. Also, the content relevance must be very high, as well as being of interest to the recipient.

In this case, you pay CPS (Cost per Send) and you must take KPIs in consideration. In addition, you must consider the conversions you are looking for (leads that download content, records to webinars, etc.), metrics such as open rate or CTR.

Message Ads are only sent if the LinkedIn user is within the selected audience and, in addition, if the LinkedIn system considers the user as active on the platform. In this way, LinkedIn ensures that you have a high probability of being read or at least visible.

Consequently, this contributes to the fact that we see open rates above 65% and CTRs above 20%, while CPS below 0.35€.

On the other hand, there’re a high personalization possibilities, for example, you can send to your target invitations to events or conferences.

Our tracking of these types of LinkedIn ads is based on : investment (cost), CPL (Cost per Lead), CpMQL (cost per MQL), visits, leads, visit-lead conversion and lead-MQL conversion.

Message Ads

Text Ads

Although all LinkedIn advertising is still PPC (pay per click), LinkedIn Text Ads are called ‘PPC ads‘.

This LinkedIn ad format gives you the option to generate high quality contacts. It’s the ideal way for campaigns with a small budget. However, great results can be obtained if the campaign is well segmented and focused on the right target.

Through pay per click (PPC) or cost per impression (CPM) ads you will be able to attract new potential customers to your business (website or landing page) in a simple, direct way and in a matter of minutes.

Our experience is that, with Sponsored Content Ads and LinkedIn Text Ads are shown much more (they receive more impressions), so the impacts generated are higher. However, we must take into account that their CTR (Click Trough Rate) is usually lower.

Text Ad example of LinkedIn Ads

Conversation Ad

Conversation Ad is the most recently ad type. It consists of having a conversation with your target audience. Through Conversation Ads, you can get more interaction with your target. To do this, it’s important to configure potential CTAs to give them access to different content and offers, in order to maintain their interest.

In addition, Conversation Ads facilitates the lead qualified generation because offers the possibility of carrying out some qualification questions including forms, in order to have a high quality database and know how to differentiate easily which are the quality leads.

If your goal campaign is to increase awareness or consideration, we recommend you to explain company stories, such as successful stories. On the other hand, if your goal is to generate leads you can invite them to different offers, events, webinars, etc, depending on the target needs.

Conversation Ad example of LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads: no self-serving Ads

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads are not a self-serving advertising format. In other words, you must contact a LinkedIn sales representative to be eligible and you have to invest a minimum of $25,000 per quarter.

The main feature of this ad type format is its ability to draw the LinkedIn users attention, thanks to the customization available option, and, finally, creativity and dynamism that characterizes Dynamic Ads.

Dynamic Ads are ideal for those businesses whose target is composed of decision makers in companies or influential people. These ads achieve their purpose thanks to the content relevance they propose and the images they include, as well as an eye-catching text and a CTA (Call to Action).

They also have a wide segmentation options, being able to choose filters according to skills or interests.

Finally, there are three Dynamic Ads formats:

Follower Ads: This format allows you to promote your LinkedIn Page or Showcase Page. Also it encourages members to follow your LinkedIn Page.

Spotlight Ads: Through this format you can showcase your product, service, event, content, and more with the spotlight ad format. People who click your add will go to your website or landing page.

Job Ads: Finally, Job Ads allows you to personalize ads to top talent, encouraging relevant candidates to apply with your company. You can promote one or more job opportunities to qualified LinkedIn members based on members’ skills and experience.