How to build powerful B2B awareness campaigns on LinkedIn Ads

Companies usually only focus on B2B lead generation campaigns. However, making awareness is crucial. Discover how to build powerful B2B awareness campaigns on LinkedIn!

Step 1: Set your goals

Defining your objective is one of the most important factors to think about. It determines campaign’s focus and the indicators for your campaign. For the B2B awareness campaigns on LinkedIn Ads, you have the following options:

  • – Brand awareness: You’ll optimise only through impressions.
  • – Video views (consideration): In this case, you must use the video format. So, you’ll optimise video views.
  • – Engagement (consideration): For this campaign’s goal, the optimisation is focused on clicks to a specific landing page, the LinkedIn page, LinkedIn followers and social actions.
  • – Website visitors (consideration): Finally, we recommend using this goal if you need to optimise your website’s clicks.

Step 2: Generate presence organically to boost your B2B brand awareness

Combining organic and paid strategies is key to improve your B2B brand awareness. For example, if you build an organic presence, you can test and optimise your organic content. Consequently, you’ll be able to choose the best-performing content for your paid campaigns.

To keep an astounding LinkedIn page, first, it’s crucial to complete your LinkedIn page, analyse your audience’s trending topic, and engage with them.

We recommend sharing helpful content that covers your target audience’s needs. Also, show your team members and ask them to participate in the conversation. Finally, it’s essential to amplify the posts by sharing, commenting, or clicking in a reaction to the posts.

In addition, another way to engage with the audience is by creating LinkedIn live and LinkedIn events.

Step 3: Target accurately

According to LinkedInthe B2B buying decision involves an average of 6.8 people. So, it’s essential to not hyper-targeting, as you will stop impacting more important users than you think. 

To expand your brand awareness, try to reach as many users as possible because your brand will grow when increasing your share of voice.

LinkedIn offers one of the most comprehensive segmentation tools. To create a wider audience, use matched audiences with similar interests and demographics through website retargeting, contact and account targeting and engagement retargeting. After your campaign, create Lookalike audiences to find users with similar attributes.

If you need to know how you should target, check this link now! We share useful insights!

Take advantage of the definitive insights from the LinkedIn Ads guide!

Step 4: Choose your format

Having developed your segmentation, it’s time to select your ad format. You can combine more than one. For example, if you want to generate awareness, we recommend combining single image ads, video ads and conversation ads. On the other hand, in the case of website visits, it’s suggested to mix single image ads and conversation ads. On the other hand, video ads and carousel ads are optimal options if you prefer to generate engagement. 

Discover all the LinkedIn Ads formats and their corresponding tips in this link!

Step 5: Analyse your awareness campaigns and optimise them

The LinkedIn campaign manager offers a wide range of metrics that you can analyse. Here are the metrics you should focus in each campaign type:

  • – Awareness: Impressions, clicks and CTR (click-through rate).
  • – Consideration: website visits, clicks and CTR (click-through rate).
  • – Conversion: conversion rate, cost per conversion and cost per lead.

Remember running your campaigns at 7 days before checking the performance, as LinkedIn takes minimum those days to learn about your campaign. Also, consider campaign demographics to analyse which audiences engage better, and use performance insights to improve your bids and budget.

Finally, test, test, and test. By testing two similar campaigns with small variations, you can discover which combinations work better.


B2B brand awareness campaigns are essential for every business. Growing your awareness is an on-going task and LinkedIn can help you with this through its definitive tool for B2B.

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