How to use B2B emotions for marketing strategies

B2B Emotions are taking an increasingly essential role in marketing. According to B2B Institute, B2B strategies that appeal to emotions are 7x more effective than rational messaging.

The important thing that you must think about is how your marketing strategy will interact with users’ emotions. The B2B emotions you can mix include those that people feel when seeing your company. So, if you understand your audience’s emotional behaviour, your marketing strategy will be more likely to succeed.

The most relevant B2B emotions

There are many emotions, and it must be borne in mind that each person experiences them differently. However, here are the most important ones. Of course, that does not mean that the rest should not be considered, but there are some that marketers should take into account.

  • – Vigilance & Anxiety: These two emotions are constantly present in human life, and currently even more so because of the COVID-19 situation. That’s why companies cannot avoid both of them and consider them in their marketing strategies.
  • – Surprise & Amazement: However, these emotions can trigger unexpected positive ones, which may even make the target audience laugh. According to LinkedIn, “the experience of being surprised is actually fundamental to the most enjoyable experiences that human beings can have. It’s the sudden and unexpected release of tension that produces laughter. The switch from Anticipation to Surprise is humour’s emotional signature.”
  • – Fear: Finally, this emotion is used to encourage users to take action. However, companies commonly focus the fear on helping their target audience cope with it.

Using emotions in marketing strategies

It is crucial to know which B2B emotions to address and how to implement them in your marketing strategies. On below, there’re some ways on how to do that:

Create leadership content

Thought leadership content helps to strengthen the link between the company and its target audience, especially if the content appeals to B2B emotions. Consequently, companies can build credibility.

Make use of social listening

Learn from the current conversations that your target audience talks about in the social network.

Knowing the topic and your audience’s opinion about that topic can help your marketing strategy.

The B2B branding importance and how to align it with the content

Be empathic

When building a message or marketing campaign, you must always be in your target audience’s shoes. If you understand your audience’s feelings, your strategies are more likely to succeed.

Expand the value

Customer satisfaction is usually one of the most relevant metrics that help to boost ROI.

So, B2B companies have to provide an optimal experience to all the customers. Consequently, users will feel it necessary for your brand and stay loyal to you.


To sum up, B2B emotions are essential to succeed with your marketing campaigns and convert your users to loyal consumers.

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