B2B headline copies list that best work on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform that allows to carry out many activities, such as a LinkedIn Ads campaign, where it should be analyzed, on the one hand, if it’s feasible to launch it, and, on the other hand, which ad format should be chosen according to the campaign’s goal. Furthermore, it should be added that through LinkedIn a content strategy can be carried out to achieve more engagement and followers in an organic way.

List of B2B headline copies that best work on LinkedIn

Implementing a content strategy on LinkedIn requires to analyze which copies are most attractive and generate the most interaction. Posts should have high value, but it’s also important to write a good copy combined with an eye-catching image.

That’s why we have compiled a research showing a number of top B2B headlines that best work on LinkedIn. This research has been carried out through the average shares in LinkedIn.

List format

This is the headline’s type that gets the most shares, so you can see that the LinkedIn audience is increasingly interested in lists format publications. In particular, the most attractive B2B headlines on LinkedIn are:

X ways to: 270 shares

X things you: 116 shares

X reasons why: 93 shares

X tips for: 83 shares

X steps to: 76 shares

X tips to: 75 shares


Looking at the study’s results, we can confirm professionals are attracted to content that talks about possible future trends or studies related to facts that will happen. Consequently, they will be able to prevent marketing and sales strategies in their business.

In this case, the copy that obtains the greatest attraction and interaction is The future of, with 145 shares of average.

How to

Through this research, we can also conclude LinkedIn users also value new knowledge. Consequently, if your target audience sees this type of post, it will be probably they share it or click on the link. In this sense, the recommended B2B headlines to use are:

How to get: 110 shares

How to make: 96 shares

How to use: 63 shares

How to answer: 61 shares


Rankings are also high interest content to professionals, because they are interested in learning specifically topics related to their sector. So, it’s also a type of copy that you can use:

The X Best: 81 shares

The X Most: 77 shares

The Top X: 74 shares

Why you should

In this case, recommendations are also a key content’s type for the target audience on LinkedIn. This headline has an average of 77 shares on LinkedIn, being also an attractive copy for the LinkedIn audience.

The power of

This type of copy, with 74 shares of average on LinkedIn, serves to give relevance to a specific topic, and on the other hand, to impact the target audience of your company.

These are the / This is the

Finally, this headline is also used to mention a list of a specific topic and has an average of 63-73 shares.

Through this list, you will be able to create attractive and relevant content for your LinkedIn target audience. As a result, users will trust on your company and your content, and also build a loyal relationship with them.